Pufferfish and Bitter Pufferfish Fishing Point Locations | Genshin Impact 2.1

Genshin Impact 2.1 has introduced much-waited fishing Gameplay. Pufferfish and Bitter Pufferfish Koi are the kinds of fish that you would like to catch in Genshin Impact. This walkthrough is a guide to help you to find different locations, bait required to catch Pufferfish and Bitter Pufferfish in Teyvat and, the Genshin Impact fishing guide.

Bait & Rod

You don’t need anything special rod when it comes to choosing a fishing rod. You need to use Fake Fly Bait to catch Pufferfish and Bitter Pufferfish. Fruit paste and any other bait won’t attract them.

1 x Sakura Bloom and 1 x Horsetail is required to prepare 10 x Fake Fly Bait.


Pufferfish and Bitter Pufferfish will always be available regardless of the time of day. It seems that fish do not actually respawn on a daily cycle. In fact, it seems that you have to wait three real-time days for a given fishing spot to refill.

Location of Pufferfish and Bitter Pufferfish

A fishing spot can be a bit difficult to find if you’re standing away, get close to water. This new update and introduce new fishing pins that travelers. If you spot one, you can use a new pin icon to remember the exact location on the world map.

Mondstadt Fishing Points

#1 – Cider lake
Exact location of Pufferfish and Bitter Pufferfish is north of Springvale as marked on the map

#2 – Near Dawn Winery
On the west of Dawn Winery. Directly across the small islets.

Liyue Fishing Points

#3 – Qingce Village (Only Bitter Pufferfish)
Exact location is north east of Qingce Village. I have marked the exact location on the map. Stand on the big wooden poles to catch the fish.

#4 – Liyue Harbor (Only Pufferfish)
At the shore near the southern wharf of Liyue Harbor.

Inazuma Fishing Points

#6 – Ritoe
At the shipping dock. You will find both the fish here.

#7 – Nazuchi Beach (Only Bitter Pufferfish)
North of the shipwreck located at the extreme end of Nazuchi beach.

#8 – Koseki Village (Only Pufferfish)
Directly across the water from Koseki Village. Exact location is marked on the map and it is southwestern part of Fort Hiraumi island.

How to Unlock Fishing System

To unlock fishing in Genshin Impant 2.1, Travelers need to full fill these two conditions:
1. Unlock the Serenitea Pot System
2. Complete the quest “Exploding Population

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