Puzzle on top of Mausoleum of King Deshret | Genshin Impact 3.1

This guide shows how to solve the Puzzle On Top of The Mausoleum Of King Deshret to get the Luxurious Chest in the game Genshin Impact 3.1, released on 28th September 2022.

You can reach “Top of The Mausoleum Of King Deshret” by entering The Dune of Magma to reach Duat Hall then pass the gap to reach Top of The Mausoleum Of King Deshret.

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After entering the underground area of The Dune of Magma, continue your journey to activate two teleport waypoints, mentioned on the map below.

Move the cells located in the south, north, and east locations. Locations are marked below.

Flip the sandglass to make the four-leg Seelie appears.

Go to the top platform.

Rotate the cell on the top platform to release beam in west direction.

Switch the prism from red to blue color on top platform.

Some of the platforms close to the edge of the puzzle area will stop moving as you change the prism on the top platform from red to blue.

The beams will be blocked by the now immobile platforms, and you’ll have to step on them in order for them to disappear.

Go to the bottom platform. To finish the puzzle, rotate the cell on the bottom platform such that it also touches the western edge.

After doing all of this a luxurious chest will appear.

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