Queen of Pleasure Achievement: All 5 Book of Secrets Locations (Lust from Beyond)

Where to Find All 5 Book of Secrets Location in Queen of Ecstasy?

Collecting 5 Books of Secrets revealing the history of the Queen of Pleasure will unlock the Queen of Pleasure Achievement / Trophy.

Book 1: In Chapter 7, it’s in a cupboard near the door inside Sabinian’s room on the third floor.

Book 2: In Chapter 7, at the entrance (1st floor). The book is hidden inside the bench. To retrieve the book from the bench, push the side panels in sequence as shown in the image.

Book 3: In Chapter 7

    • You need 3 paintings for this book
    • 1st painting is inside the pendulum clock’s cabinet (third floor’s corridor).
    • 2nd painting is inside the cabinet table, near the sofa, in the living room (first floor)
    • 3rd painting is on a chair near the pool table (first floor)
    • Place these 3 paintings above the fireplace (near pool table)
    • This will open up a secret compartment just above the fireplace.
    • Collect the 4th Iauv’abrarc Statue from the secret compartment.

Book 4: In Chapter 15, on the table in the ritual room. Behind Theodore.

Book 5: In Chapter 15, On Amanda’s bed on the third floor (During the objective: Reach Xu’thrar).


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