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Supply chests are crates in the real-world hubs from which you will get Psitanium Nuggets. To open the Supply Chests you will need Supply Chests Key. There is a total of 4 Supply Chests in the Questionable area. This article shows the location of all the supply chest keys and supply chests in the Questionable Area.

Supply Chest Key 1/4

The first Supply Chest Key is inside the abandoned mone through which you entered the Questionable Area. Enter the mine through the entrance marked with a skull at the bottom of the Questionable Area map (See the picture above). Inside the mine, the key is up on a platform. Jump on the trampoline inside the mine and then use the vines to reach the key as shown in the picture below).

Supply Chest 1/4

The first Supply Chest is inside a small cave on the right side of the Lumberstack diner as shown in the picture below. Lumberstack diner (Marked as ‘E’ on the map) is on the left side as you enter the Questionable Area.

Supply Chest Key 2/4

One key is at the treetop in the Forgetful Forest (Marked as area F on the map). To reach the location, jump to the top of the restroom roof.

On the restroom roof, you can see a stair. climb it to reach the platform above. Take the rope to reach the platform on the other side. On this platform, you will find a pole. Use the rope to climb to the platform above, where you will get the key (see the second picture below)

Supply Chest Key 3/4

One of the keys is in the Fierro’s Funicular area (Marked as area ‘B’ on the map). On reaching the Funicular you will see that it is not working, as it is missing three cogwheels. One cogwheel is right in front of the machine. One is on the right side, resting on a rock. the third cogwheel is on the left side of the rides as shown in the picture below. Use telekinesis to place the cogwheels on their slots in the machine. This will fix the Funicular. Now ride it to the top.

As you reach the top, you will see an abandoned gift shop right in the front. The key is behind the gift shop as shown below.

Supply Chest 2/4

This chest is in the Fierro’s Funicular area (Marked as area ‘B’ on the map). Ride the funicular to the top. Then turn around and take the path leading to the waterfall as shown in the picture below.

The waterfall you reached flows in the reverse direction. On the waterfall, you will see wooden logs flowing upwards. Use Time-Bubble ability to slow down a log. You will learn the Time Bubble ability during the “PSI Kings Sensorium” level. Jump up on the slowed-down logs and ride it upstream. The log will pass through a hidden cave behind the waterfall (see the second picture below). Jump from the log to reach the hidden cave. Inside the cave, go left to reach the chest.

Supply Chest 3/4

One of the supply chests is in the “Cave of the Sassclops” (Marked as Area C on the map). Enter the cave and then go till the end of the camp. After you come outside from the other side, you will see the chest on a wooden platform on a tree (see the second picture below). Jump on the branches to reach the platform and get the chest.

Supply Chest Key 4/4

The final key is at Aquato Family Camp (Campground marked as ‘D’ on the map). To get the key, light the campfire at the center of Aquato Family Camp using Pyrokinesis. This will create an updraft. Use levitation on the updraft to jump to the platform with the key.

Supply Chest 4/4

The final key is also in the campground. It is on one of the platforms on the trees.

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