Radsvinn’s Rig Nornir Chest Puzzle Solution | God of War Ragnarok Collectibles Guide

This guide shows the location of all Nornir Chests and how to solve the puzzles to open these Nornir Chests in the Radsvinn’s Rig area of God of War Ragnarok.

1) Radsvinn’s Rig Nornir Chest Puzzle Solution

The location of the Nornir chest is shown in the picture below. To unlock the Nornir chest, you need to ignite the torch above three seals.

The first torch is on the left side of the chest as shown in the picture below. Press L2+R2 to ignite the torch.

After igniting the first torch, turn around and you will find the second seal in front of the mining rig. But the torch is behind some iron bars, where your blade cannot reach from the ground. To ignite the torch, climb up the platform behind the mining rig. From there, throw your axe at the explosive barrel above the torch as shown in the picture below. This will ignite the torch.

Now, go to the backside of the platform and you will see the third barrel behind some wooden barrels. Break the barrels and then ignite the third torch to unlock the chest. Open the chest to get a Horn of Blood Mead.

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  1. Ahmed

    This chest doesn’t give an Idull Apple.. it’s a horn of mead

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