Rakakudaj Shrine Walkthrough | Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

This guide shows the complete walkthrough of the Rakakudaj Shrine in the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom game, released on 12th May 2023. Rakakudaj Shrine is located on a cliff southwest of the “Hyrule Field” next to the river and a Koukot Plateau. Below is the location of the shrine.

How to complete the Rakakudaj Shrine in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

The Rakakudaj Shrine is a Rauru’s Blessing Shrine and you need to complete a quest before you get to the shrine. You need to find a crystal and place it at the shrine.

To fulfill the quest, interact with the green portal situated at the Rakakudaj Shrine, which will emit a beam of green light.

Follow the beam of green light along the river to locate the crystal. As you progress, you will come across a cluster of stones and platforms equipped with wheels.

Construct a 6-wheeled vehicle by connecting the platforms together. Proceed towards the rocks, making a slight right turn towards a campfire where you will discover the massive crystal illuminated by the beam of light. Use Ultrahand to lift the crystal and place it onto the contraption. Navigate the contraption along the path you previously followed, as the presence of water and steep angles makes it difficult to pass the area on foot.

Once you arrive at the Rakakudaj Shrine, remove the crystal from the cart and position it on the platform within the shrine. The crystal will undergo a transformation, serving as the shrine’s portal.

Enter the portal to discover a chest containing the Mighty Zonaite Longsword.

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