Rare Fungus Location for Lili | Psychonauts 2 Side Mission

You get the Find Rare Fungus For Lili optional mission by talking to Lili in the Motherlobe Quarry. For this quest, you will be tasked to find rare fungus. Completing the quest unlocks A Fungus Among Us Trophy / Achievement. This article shows how to start the quest and the Rare Fungus location.

Lili Location: How to start ‘Find Rare Fungus For Lili’ optional mission

To start the quest you will have to find and talk to Lilli in the ‘Quarry’. You can go to the ‘Quarry’ through the central platform in The Motherlobe, once it is unlocked by progressing in the main story (See the picture below).

After jumping down, you will reach Quarry. In Quarry, Lilli is at the location marked by an arrow in the picture below. Use the updraft near the Jet landing Pad to go to the upper level. Keep moving ahead until you reach the end of the platform. Then jump on the trampoline and climb up the rocks ahead of it to reach Lili. Talk to Lili to start the quest.

Objective: Lili wants me to locate a rare fungus at the top of the Far Fetched Falls in the Questionable Area. It has healing properties she might be able to use. She can’t know about my mission so I should just play along.

Find Rare Fungus For Lili

To get the fungus you have to go to the ‘Questionable Area’. You can go there through the Abandoned Mines in the Quarry (Marked as G in the Quarry map posted above). In the ‘Questionable Area’, go to Fierro’s Funicular (marked as B on the map).

Fix the Funicular

On reaching the Funicular you will see that it is not working, as it is missing three cogwheels. One cogwheel is right in front of the machine. One is on the right side, resting on a rock. the third cogwheel is on the left side of the rides as shown in the picture below. Use telekinesis to place the cogwheels on their slots in the machine (see the second picture below). This will fix the Funicular. Now ride it to the top.

Reach the top of Far Fetched Falls & get the Rare Fungus

Ride the funicular to the top. Then turn around and take the path leading to the waterfall as shown in the picture below.

The waterfall you reached flows in the reverse direction. On the waterfall, you will see wooden logs flowing upwards. Use Time-Bubble ability to slow down a log. You will learn the Time Bubble ability during the “PSI Kings Sensorium” level. Jump up on the slowed-down logs and ride it upstream. The log will pass through a hidden cave behind the waterfall (see the second picture below). Jump from the log to reach the hidden cave.

Inside the secret cave, you will find the rare fungus. It is a large purple mushroom at the end of the cave as shown in the picture below. Once you have the fungus, go back to Lilly and give it to her. This will unlock A Fungus Among Us Trophy/ Achievement.

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