Rarely Affectionate (Part 1) Quest | Honkai: Star Rail

This article will guide you on how to complete all objectives of the quest “Rarely Affectionate (Part 1)” in the game Honkai: Star Rail. Rarely Affectionate (Part 1) is a Companion Mission and the first mission in Clara’s quest chain.

Starting Location

After the player receives a message from Clara on their phone, they can begin the quest by talking to her at Robot Settlement on Jarilo-VI. She will tell you about the trouble in the Robot Settlement

Question the witness of the thief cases involving mechanical parts

Head to the northern part of the Robot Settlement and talk to Vagrant (NPC) near a tent. He doesn’t recall much about the thief, other than the fact that the thief had an oddly square-shaped head.

Search for clues regarding the culprit

Head to the crime scene to look for any clues.

Follow the clues and search onward

Head south, go down the elevator, and investigate the glowing point below the iron beams.

Continue to look for clues of the culprit

Go to the next point and investigate until you hear a strange sound.

Find the Source of the Odd sounds

Follow the track toward the strange sound to find and interact with a tiny robot. Finally, defeat the robot.

Follow Clara back to Svarog’s base

Report back to Clara about your finding. She’ll be waiting for you near Svarog’s base.

Find Toby near the gates of the base

Go east of the Svarog’s base Anchor Space point, go down the elevator, and talk to the robot Toby near the gates of the base.

Keep following Toby

Follow Toby inside the base till the end. Investigate near the big robot to get ambushed. Defeat all the robots. Follow Tony to the next location and defeat the robots again.

Report back to Clara

Finally, report to Clara about your finding.

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