Corson V: All Collectibles- Gold Bolt, Spy Bot, Armour | Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart

Spybot #1:
You need to complete an optional sidequest ‘Search the Factory‘ to get your first Spybot. Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart has 10 Spybot in the entire game. Finding all Spybots is required to unlock the ultimate RYNO weapon for the trophy Aim to Misbehave.

Spybot can be found inside the factory area. The factory area is located on the west side as per the map.

Head around the corner from the vendor shop in the Main Market area and climb up the building using the Magnetic Surface. Follow the linear path while defeating all the enemies you encounter. Rift across two gaps to reach the gate of the factory. Turn the bolt to open the door to the factory.

Inside the first room (assembly line), hop onto big boxes and ride around to reach the raised platform on the other side of the assembly line while avoiding all lasers. The platform is located just at the opposite end of the first assembly line where boxes are going up the ramp and vanishing.

Continue to follow the linear path to reach the next big production hall (assembly line). Go to the extreme left of the assembly line to find two blue boxes going up and down slowly below the convey belt. You can use these two boxes to climb up to the highest conveyor belt. From this point, you can exit the assembly line to reach a train station (Nefarious Shipping Depot).

Fight off all the enemies here and jump down the tube at the end. Here you will be forced to pick up the Spybox at the end of the factory. Spybox is at the mouth of the tunnel. I have marked the location of Spybox in the image.

Gold Bolt #1:
There are three Gold Bolts on planet Corson V. One of the Gold bolts can be found inside the factory area (assembly line). From the Vendor shop, head to the right and go up the magnetic boot ramp. Follow the path to reach the factory entrance.

Hop onto big boxes and ride around to reach the raised platform on the other side of the assembly line while avoiding all lasers. Once you are at the top after the wall jump, turn around to see the Gold Bolt. 

From here, you can jump on the production lines at the top of the room and glide around the big boxes that are coming your way until you reach the bolt at the end.

Armor #1: Robot Disguise – Helmet

You need to enter the purple color portal (purple Pocket Dimension ) as marked on the map. Jump across a series of inflated balloons and platforms while fighting off all the enemies. In the end, you can collect the Robot Disguise – Helmet. You will also earn Sartorial Steel & Boing! trophies. You get Boing!, a trophy is for bouncing on Big Al, Clank, and Qwark’s Parade Balloons.

Gold Bolt #2
Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart has a total of 25 Gold Bolt. These Gold Bolts unlock various Cheats, including Infinite Ammo, Infinite Health, and Gold Weapons. To get trophy Nooks and Crannies, you only need to find only 5 Gold Bolts.

You can collect the Gold Bolt while chasing Phantom, during objective ‘Follow the Phantom’. After fighting off the enemies, head to the path on the right. You can grapple across two rifts by hooking to find the Gold Bolt.

CraiggerBear #1
It is located in the eastern area of the market. Head to the stall with a violet color sunshade and a robot in it. CraiggerBear is a small teddy bear sitting on the counter

Gold Bolt #3:
You can collect this Gold Bolt only after getting the Omniglove from Phantom. Omniglove is part of the storyline. Using Omniglove, you can run across a wall panel with blue arrows marked.

Head back to the start of Corson V to find a wall panel with a blue arrow mark. Cross to the other side by using Omniglove and collect the Gold Bolt.

Omniglove allows Ratchet and Rivet to tie themselves to dimensional rifts. It is especially useful when a hail of bullets is fired, and you need a quick escape plan. It also enables the Phantom Dash, which enables the lombaxes to temporarily become invincible as they dash in or out of combat.

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart releases for PlayStation 5 on June 11th.

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