Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart All Lorb Locations | Hunt for Lombax Lore Quest

How to Find All 12 Lorb Locations – Hunt for Lombax Lore Side Quest

Lorb #1:
The first Lorb #1 is located in the western part of Savali near an energy sphere. You’ll need to use the Hover boots.

There are dome shields that you need to deactivate by pressing three switches connected by a long wire. Follow the wire connected to it and run over the 3 pressure plates on the floor with your Hover boots. Once you hit all three plates, the shield will power down and you can find a Lombax Shrine containing the Lorb.

Lorb #2:
This lorb is out in open at the edge of the map in the far west of Savali. Simply head to the location as marked on the map to find the lorb. It is guarded by enemies and you need to defeat them before collecting the lorb.

Lorb #3:
The third Lorb is on a flying platform that is zooming around the west side of North Temple. I have marked its location on the map of Savali. Chase the platform by using the Hoverboots at maximum speed. When you get close enough, the purple orb on the platform will allow you to grapple to it by pressing L1. Once you get onto the platform, step onto the switch/pressure plate to stop it from moving and cut down the shield. You can collect the third Lorb.

Lorb #4:
This lorb is found on the top of a platform near the center area of the Savali as marked on map. Use your Hoverboots at the maximum speed and drive up a ramp to jump over to reach the top of a rock platform.

Lorb #5:
The lorb is located at the northeast edge area of Savali. The lorb is located inside a cave. This area is full of sandshark enemies so you will need to clear sandshark enemies out first. Once the area is clear approach the shrine and the lorb will reveal itself.

Lorb #6:
The sixth Lorb is sitting out in the open near Ms. Zurkon’s shop in the center area of Savali. You’ll find the Lombax Shrine on an elevated platform right behind Ms. Zurkon. Directly go to the marked area and collect it by breaking the Lorb when it rises out of the shrine.

Lorb #7:
The seventh Lorb is located near the eastern edge area of Savali. This should quite easy to locate as the shrine is out in the open. This area is guarded by some enemies. To access the Lombax Shrine, you’ll have to defeat a few Sandsharks and some flying bug enemies.

Lorb #8:
It is placed on an elevated platform in the southeast region of Savali. You have to bounce on the mushroom to reach the nearby high platform. Once you reach the neatest platform, bounce off to grapple the yellow dimensional rift next to the Lombax Shrine.

The seventh Lorb is located on an elevated platform in the southeast region of Savali. To reach it, you need to use a ramp located to the west of it. Then, bounce on the mushroom to reach the nearby high platform. Once you’re up there, look around for a dimensional rift that you can grapple to. This will lead you to a second mushroom, which you can bounce off of to grapple to a second-dimensional rift next to the Lombax Shrine.

Lorb #9:
It is also located in the southeast area of Savali, must shoot the 4 pillars at this Lorb Location to make the Shrine appear. There are four pillars with blue lights on three of them, but one pillar has a red light. If you shoot the red light, it will turn blue but another pillar will turn red. Just shoot the red light four times and the Lombax Shrine will reveal itself.

Lorb #10:
At the southeast edge of Savali. This Shrine is under an energy field. To open it, you need to run over the 3 green floor pressure plates leading to this Lorb Shrine. The first is on the floor in front of 4 wall-run panels, the 2nd and 3rd wall panels also contain pressure plates that you need to cross over during the wall-run.

Lorb #11:
Lord is hidden behind some box wall that we can destroy. It is located on the southeast edge of Savali. You have to climb down the ramp to a lower area to reach it. This area is guarded by enemies and you have to clear them first.

Lorb #12:
You can find the last lorb on the southern-most island of Savali. Go in the right direction, after you cross the broken wooden bridge. You will need to drift across the gaps by grappling to yellow rift portals and then ride along the rail to reach the last Lorb Shrine.

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