Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – Blizar Prime Dimensional Anomaly Puzzle

Dimensional Anomaly Puzzle – Blizar Prime Guide | Ratchet & Clank

This page is part of Gamerpillar’s Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart walkthrough & strategy step-by-step guide you on investigating the Dimensional Anomaly and successfully guiding all Clank Possibilities to the Meta-Terminal puzzle.

Guide the Clank Possibilities to the Meta-Terminal is part of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart’s the main game storyline, so you will need to complete it to advance the story. Here you need to guide clank’s ‘Possibilities’ ( which is an endless line of clank copies running around) from one side of the room to the other, clearing obstacles along the way. Your main objective is to guide them and to the Meta-Terminal.

Course 1:
Head straight down the platform’s path and smash the boxes to collect the White Sphere. It is a heavy sphere that weighs down any object it touches. Now toss the White Sphere into the floating platform to lower it down. 

Grab the second white sphere from the top of the floating platform which was lower down. Now you have to toss the Second White Sphere into the spinning saw straight ahead. This will lower the spinning saw and breaks the metal crates. 

Once the path is clear retrieve the white sphere from the saw and heads back to toss it into the very first port. The first port is just before the air blower. Once clank possibilities pass over the white sphere, they will gain weight and won’t get blown away by the air blower. Stand on the green button the clank possibility running on the correct path.

Course 2:
Smash crates to clear your path. Head to the right side of the platform, jump up the floating platform to grab the ‘Lift Sphere’ (red). Toss the ‘Lift Sphere’ (red) on the left side platform and use it to jump onto the high platform to collect the ‘Heavy Sphere’.

Go to the right side of the platform again. Use the ‘Lift Sphere’ (red) to raise the first column (smasher) and toss the ‘Heavy Sphere’ to lower the tall pillar. This will clear the path to grab the ‘Speed Sphere’ (green).

Now you have to toss the ‘Heavy Sphere’ on the spinning saw to lower it. ‘Speed Sphere’ on the first port of the middle platform and the ‘Lift Sphere’ on the second port (at the edge). This arrangement will make the clank ‘possibilities’ to reach the correct destination.

Course 3:
Head forward and follow the path in front of you to grab the Heavy Sphere. Use the Heavy Sphere to lower the saw blades on the far left, and you can jump over to grab the Lift Sphere (red).

Now, head to the right side of the platform and use the Lift Sphere (red) to raise the right column (smasher). You can walk underneath it for a Speed Sphere (green).

Once you have all three spheres, the only job left is to make proper placement of all three spheres that will make the clank possibilities to reach the correct destination.

Place the Lift Sphere (red) just in front of the first fan, this will make Possibilities bounce over the heavy wind stream from the first fan. Next place a Speed Sphere (green) in the next port to speed up the potentials after they jump. Finally, place a Heavy Sphere in the port in front of the other fan, so they can run straight through it.

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