Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – Search The Factory

After a prologue, Ratchet will find himself in a new dimension on the planet Corson V without Clank by his side. Ms. Zurkon is the first person you’ll meet in the game. Her Vendor shop will be your one-stop shop for weaponry throughout the game. In the starting, you won’t be able to buy very much from her except a few of the basic weapons that are required for Corson V.

Where to find Spybot on Corson V in Ratchet PS5

This is an optional side quest which you will get on the planet Corson V. All though it’s an optional side quest but you will get Spybot at the end. Spybots are required to purchase the ultimate RYNO weapon. Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart has 10 Spybot Locations. Finding all Spybots is required to unlock the ultimate RYNO weapon for the trophy Aim to Misbehave. Hence, all 10 of Spybot are required for trophy purposes. 

The factory is located on the west side of the map. Head around the corner from the vendor shop in the main market area and climb up the building using the Magnetic Surface. Head toward the right following the linear path to reach the first hall. Defeat all the enemies you encounter in the hall and then rift across the first gap. Climb the wall and rift across once again to reach the gate of the factory.

Turn the bolt to open the door to the factory. Inside the factory, there is a Golden Bolt also, which is one of the collectibles in Corson V. Inside the first room which is an assembly line, you need to hop onto big boxes and ride around to reach the raised platform on the other side of the assembly line. These boxes pass through several laser lights which you must avoid coming in contact with. I have attached an image below that will guide you to find the path that must be followed to reach the other side of the assembly line and reach the raised platform. From here wall jumps to reach the top level of the first room.

Once you are at the top, follow the linear path to go into the next big production hall (assembly line). Here also you need to find your way across big boxes to reach the raised platform on the other side of the hall.

Go to the extreme left of the assembly line to find two blue boxes going up and down slowly below the convey belt. You can use these two boxes to climb up to a higher level. First, do a wall jump onto the first blue box and then leap onto the adjacent blue box. Finally, climb up to the next platform and onto the highest conveyor belt

From the highest conveyor belt, jump onto the yellow box hanging from the jaws of the crane. Then you can jump across to reach the highest level at the top of the room (assembly line) to reach the exit.

Once you exit the Assembly line. The game will take you to the train station (Nefarious Shipping Depot); Here you will encounter multiple enemies, fight off all the enemies here and jump down the tube at the end and you’ll be forced to pick up the Spybox at the end of the Factory. Spybox is at the mouth of the tube, I have marked the location of Spybox in the image.

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart releases for PlayStation 5 on June 11th.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is Sony’s big PS5 summer exclusive, and it’s packed with collectibles and combat as you journey from planet to planet. A brand-new storyline focused on dimensional travel, with a new protagonist introduced as well.

There are nine planets in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, four of which you play as Ratchet and five of which you play as Rivet. Once you’ve been to a planet, you can return to it at any time. Some missions have sidequests – these are included in the main planetary walkthrough. Search the factory is an optional side quest which you will get on the planet Corson V. 

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