How to Get 5 Sturgeon (Big) for Rathbride Offering Altar: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Rathbride Offering Altar | How to get Big Sturgeon | AC Valhalla

Rathbride Offering Altar Location

You can find the Rathbride Offering Altar southwest of the Lisdurrow trading post and across the Liffey River in Meath.

This offering altar requires 5 Sturgeon (BIG)

How to Get Sturgeon (Big)

The best place to catch big Sturgeon in Ireland is in the Liffey River, which is the river just north of the offering altar.

    • Aim your Bow & use Odin’s Vision.
    • If you see a Big fish swimming alone, shoot it.
    • Then, get near & collect the fish.

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