Relics of the Past Side Contracts Walkthrough | Skull and Bones

This article will guide you on how to complete side contracts “Relics of the Past” and to find the Fort Louis Location in Skull and Bones, released on 6th February 2024. Relics of the Past is a contract where you need to find a relic for the Sea People you meet at Vorona Falls based on a treasure map.

How to solve the Relics of the Past treasure map in Skull and Bones

Head to the Vorona Falls outpost and speak with the Sea People Merchant to receive the contract and Relics of the Past treasure map.

Next, inspect the treasure map “Sea People Relic Clue” from the ship cargo menu. The written clue in the treasure map is:

“One of our camps was raided by the Fara at Red Isle, Tenina Coast, in Fort Louis, and our brothers and sisters returned to the Sea. We left our items there for fear of another raid, the relic included.”

The written clue states that the Sea People Relic is located on Tenina Coast, in Fort Louis. Fort Louis is located to the south of Sainte-Anne.

Next, sail to the Tenina Coast and land at Fort Louis. After disembarking, proceed a short distance forward before immediately turning left to see some wreckage adjacent to the fort’s wall and below a blue-white color flag. Approach the wreckage and dig to locate the buried treasure including the relic.

Finally, after locating the relic, sail to the Palisade Bay settlement to deliver the relic and complete the contract.

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