Remnant 2: How to Get Disciple Armor Set in The Forgotten Kingdom DLC

This article will guide the player on How to find the Disciple Armor Set in the Forgotten Kingdom DLC of Remnant 2, which was launched on April 23, 2024.

Where to find the Disciple armor set in Remnant 2

To locate the Disciple armor set in the Forgotten Kingdom of Remnant 2, follow the main objective until the player reaches the Ancient Canopy. Ancient Canopy can be reached after crossing Deserted Aletier.

At the Ancient Canopy location interact with the lever next to the Ancient Canopy checkpoint to open the path.

Proceed through the door on the left side and take the elevator down.

Pass through the red door and then go down the spiral staircase.

Once you reach the lower level, use the ladders to reach the bottom floor.

Go around the structure to reach a room filled with waist-deep sand and a wall with shooting arrows.

Cross the room to find a corpse and loot the Disciple’s armor set.

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