Rescue Hakan | The Hidden City, Side Mission (SHADOW OF THE TOMB RAIDER)

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Rescue Hakan (Side Mission, The Hidden City)

Move North from the upper city main gate base camp and go left (just before entering the Temple of Kukulkan) into the upper city market. You’ll see a little girl, Kayara, requesting the guards to allow her to meet her father. Talk to Kayara to start the mission. Your objective is to free her father, Hakan. If you turn-on the hunter’s vision and look around, people related to the side mission will be revealed in green.

  • Talk to the priest (standing in the right corner) and ask him to stop the prayers.
  • Talk to the musicians (sitting behind Kayara) and ask them to play something. This will distract the guards who are guarding the cell.
  • Once the guards are distracted, talk to the 2 rebels (standing on both sides of the cell) and ask for their help (opening the cell door requires 2 person)
  • Both the rebels will open the cell door allowing you to enter the cell and rescue Hakan.
  • After rescuing Hakan you’ve to find a way out. Stand facing the main door and look left. The wall in the corner is breakable. Break the wall and enter the next chamber.
  • The door in the next chamber requires 2 persons to open. Open the door with Hakan’s help. This will finish the mission.
  • REWARD: Reinforced Knife.

0:05 Talk to Kayara
1:53 Free Hakan
3:51 Find another way out
4:40 Reinforced Knife (Reward)

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