Resident Evil 3 Remake: All Charlie Doll Locations

There are total 20 Charlie Dolls in the game. This guide shows location of all the Bobbleheads in the sequence in which they can be found. Check the video at the bottom of the page for more clarity.

Charlie Doll 1: Redstone Street Station

This bobblehead can be found only before you start following Carlos into the Subway Station. Once you gain control of Jill in the Subway Station, instead of following Carlos into the Subway Station, turn around and go upstairs to find the bobblehead. If you enter the substation, then you wont be able to get to this Bbblehead.

Charlie Doll 2: Downtown Area Safe Room

Charlie Doll 3: Donut Shop in Downtown Area

This Bobblehead is Behind the counter, next to the microwave, in the Moon’s Donut Shop in Downtown

Charlie Doll 4: Control Room in Subway Power Station

Bobblehead is at top of the five cabinets in the corner

Charlie Doll 5: Control Room in Subway Office

Its in the rooom where you reroute the subway (Next to the room with Shotgun)

Charlie Doll 6: Toy Store in Downtown

The Toy Uncle Shop in Downtown can be accessed only after you get the lockpick. The Bobblehead is among the Mega Man action figures.

Charlie Doll 7: Outside the Lab in Sewers

The Bobblehead in behind the Grate at the end of the tunnel just outside the lab where you get Battery Pack.

Charlie Doll 8: Sewers Exit

Once you have the Battery pack make your way to the exit. Go Halfway up the stairs and tirn back to see the charle doll above the tube light.

Charlie Doll 9: In the house after Kendo's Gun Shop in Downtown

After getting out from the Sewers you’ll reach demolition site and after a nemesis chase you’ll come to Kendo’s Gun Shop in Downtown. In the Shop you will get a key. Using the key you’ll reach a house. The Bobblehead in on a table in this house.

Charlie Doll 10: Police Station Courtyard

This Bobblehead is in the couryard outside the police station.

Charlie Doll 11: Safety Deposit room in Police Station

The key to enter the Safety Deposit room in at 3F Police Station. In there it is at the back side at the top of the shelves.

Charlie Doll 12: Subway Tunnels

After Carlos’s Police Station portion is over, you’ll gain control of Jill and you’ll have to find a way above the ground from the Subway Tunnels. Here you’ll find this bobblehead below one of the bunk beds.

Charlie Doll 13: Clock Tower Plaza

After coming out from the Subway Tunnel you’ll reach the Clock Tower Plaza. Before walking up to the crossover bridge, there is a Green Truck. The Bobblehead is just behind that green truck.

Charlie Doll 14: Before Lab Reception

This Bobblehead can be found both as Charles and Jill at Hospital 1F, in the area before you enter the Lab Reception.

Charlie Roof 15: Hospital Roof (2F)

This Bobblehead can be found both as Charles and Jill at Hospital Roof (2F). Its at the right side of the door as you enter the roof.

Charlie Doll 16: Sickroom in Hospital 2F

This Bobblehead can be found both as Charles and Jill at Hospital 2F, in the sickroom. The Bobblehead is hidden inside the trash can at the corner.

Charlie Doll 17: Hospital Hall Leading to Underground Facility

This Bobblehead can be found only as Jill. After Jill wakes up, you will get an Objective to reach the Underground Facility. Just before the elevator that takes you to the underground facility, you’ll find the bobblehead at top of a Forklift.

Charlie Doll 18: Underground Storage

After collecting the first fuse, you’ll have to squeeze between a couple of shelves. The Bobblehead is right after that.

Charlie Doll 19: Nest 2, Near the Vaccine Equipment

In the room with the Vaccine Equipment there is a balcony. The bobblhead is at the western corner of the balcony. 

Charlie Doll 20: Lab 1 in Nest 2

This bobblehead is in the small room attached to Lab 1 in Nest 2. You get to Lab 1 after collecting the override key in the room with Vaccine Equipment.

Video Showing location of all the Charlie Dolls

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