10 x Retrieve Dwarven Mugs in Designs of the Duergar (Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance)

Retrieve Dwarven Mugs #1 

Retrieve Dwarven Mugs can be found near the beginning of the level. ‘Retrieve Dwarven Mugs’ is located in a prison cell after crossing the second wooden bridge on the right after following the storyline track.

Retrieve Dwarven Mugs #2

You must proceed straight from the previous point, jump on the large slab, and follow the main plot track. The location of Retrieve Dwarven Mugs #2 is not far away. It’s inside a hut in the poison river region, immediately below the track (wooden ramp). You can remove the poison and blast the locked gate of the hut with an explosive barrel.

Retrieve Dwarven Mugs #3

Follow the main story path to reach Annuragon’s Tomb. The Retrieve Dwarven Mugs #3 are hidden beneath two breakable stone pedestals on the right.

Retrieve Dwarven Mugs #4

This can be found soon after the wooden bridge on your trip to Gruuln Threechin. You’ll notice a couple of wooden barrels and fire torches shortly after crossing the wooden bridge. Retrieve Dwarven Mugs is tucked away behind a slew of wooden barrels.

Retrieve Dwarven Mugs #5

Not very far from the previous location and just before the gate to Gruuln Threechin, you will find a ledge on the left. Climb the ledge and smash the wooden barricade to gain access to a room. The Retrieve Dwarven Mug can be found inside the cage.

Retrieve Dwarven Mugs #6

From the area, Annuragon’s Statue you need to head to the right and climb the ledge to reach the glowing mushrooms field. In this region, you can locate the Retrieve Dwarven Mugs lying on the ground.

Retrieve Dwarven Mugs #7

Climb up the ladder at the same mushrooms field area. Follow the rail track, and turn left shortly before the waterfall. This will transport you to the Attribute Shrine.

You must complete the riddle by lighting up four symbols. You must stand on four pressure plates for this.

How to Solve the Puzzle?  Designs of the Duergar: Attribute Point Puzzle Solution

The Retrieve Dwarven Mugs may be found on one of the main podium’s corners.

Retrieve Dwarven Mugs #8

Return to the main mushroom area and turn right. The mug is sitting atop a table. This location is situated between the Mushroom Field and the Boss Area.

Retrieve Dwarven Mugs #9

Return to the Annuragon Statue area. This time go to the left and at the end, it’s hidden behind three wooden barrels.

Retrieve Dwarven Mugs #10

From the previous spot, turn back and proceed straight until you reach the ledge. You need to jump down to reach a snowy area and follow the wooden catwalk path. Retrieve Dwarven Mugs is Located in a wooden catwalk you can access from the snowy area.

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