Returnal House Key location: How to Get into the House in Returnal

  • Post published:April 30, 2021
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How to Get Into the House in Returnal

Selene’s house will always in the first biome: Overgrown Ruins. You may find it at a different place in the first biome due to the nature of random maps. Initially, you’ll be able to approach the house, but you can’t enter inside it, as the front door is locked. You need the House Key to get inside it.

Where to Find the House Key in Returnal

To unlock the house key item, you must make it through the first biome in the Returnal: Overgrown Ruins. This also means defeating the boss Phrike

After defeating the first boss Phrike, enter into Crimson Wastes biome first time. This will unlock the House key item. You will be able to find the House Key on the next run somewhere near the house only.

Selene’s house Key location

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