Revenge of Silicobra Request: New Pokemon Snap Walkthrough

In New Pokemon Snap, travel to the islands that make up the Lental region. There are dozens of Pokémon roaming around Lental island. The request is to take a photo when Silicobra will emerge from the sand and will toss sand on Lycanroc’s face

How to clear Revenge of Silicobra request in New Pokemon Snap


    • Visit Sweltering Sands (night) at research level 2 or 3. 
    • After a while on the main course, you’ll find a sleeping Silicobra (to the right). Hit it with a fluffruit. 
    • It will dig into the sand and will reappear just a little ahead to your left. This time most of its body will be inside the sand & only its snout will be visible (scan the area to spot it easily). Hit the Silicobra with a fluffruit and it will again dig into the sand. 
    • At the oasis take the alternate route. You’ll find the Silicobra once again to your left (mostly buried in the sand). Hit it with a fluffruit again. 
    • The Silicobra will emerge from the sand and will toss sand on Lycanroc’s face. Snap this moment to fulfill the request. 

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