River Delta Artifacts Locations | God of War Ragnarok

River Delta All Artifacts Locations

This guide shows the location of all artifacts and how to get them in the River Delta area of the Vanaheim Region in God of War Ragnarok. Click here to see the River Delta complete collectibles guide.

1) Artifact (Family Crests – Freya’s Crest)

It is behind the River Delta mystic gateway as shown in the pictures below.

2) Artifact (Family Crests – Odin’s Crest)

From Pilgrim’s landing, go a little south. After crossing the ruined structure, go straight under the tree as shown in the second picture below. While rowing under the tree, midway you will see a secret area on the left side as shown in the third picture below. Go there and dock your boat. Here you will find the artifact behind a couple of trees on the left side as shown in the fourth picture below.

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