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Road’s End Catacombs Complete Guide

This guide shows how to traverse through the Road’s End Catacombs dungeon and how to get all the secret items there. Road’s End Catacombs is in Liurnia at the location marked on the map below.

After entering the catacomb, proceed ahead and pull the lever in front of the statue as shown below. This will open the boss lair door, where you will reach later.

After pulling the lever, jump down and continue ahead in a linear path. You will have to climb down two flights of stairs and eventually, you will arrive at a room with a trap that fires three arrows on stepping on the switch. Steer clear of the switch to avoid taking damage. At the back of the room, you will find an illusionary wall as shown below. Hit the wall and it will disappear. Then go inside and open the chest to get Raya Lucaria Soldier Ashes.

Now trace your way back. Hit the illusionary wall next to the first flight of stairs to make it disappear. Go inside and take the Watchdog’s staff from a corpse.

Come out of the room and climb up the stairs. Hit the illusionary wall next to the flight of stairs to make it disappear.

Go inside and climb down the stairs as shown below. Hit the illusionary wall at the bottom, to make it disappear. Proceed ahead and Hit the illusionary wall right in front of you to make it disappear. This will reveal the door leading to the boss’s lair as shown in the second picture below.

Go inside the boss lair and defeat the Spirit Caller Snail boss to get Glinstone Sorcerer Ashes. Open the chest inside the boss area to get Deathroot.

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