Robot Settlement: All Treasures And Warp Trotters Locations | Honkai Star Rail

This article will guide you to find all Treasure Chests And Warp Trotters in the area of Robot Settlement in the game Honkai Star Rail. Robot Settlement is one of those six locations in Jarilo-VI.

To find the first five chests on the top level of F1. The next three are at the F2 level, take the lift located next to the central Space Anchor

1) Treasure Chest

The first chest is directly next to a tent with crates and is a Simple Treasure Chest.

2) Treasure Chest

Simple Chest is located in the northwest corner.

3) Treasure Chest

To locate the next chest, head to the southeastern region of the map. However, access to the southern parts of the map is restricted until you have defeated Svarog.

4) Treasure Chest

To reach the fourth chest, travel west from the previous chest, then head south, and finally go east up a flight of stairs. The chest can be found at the top of the stairs.

5) Treasure Chest

Defeat the formidable foe to get the chest. To obtain the chest you must first defeat the two-wave enemy.

#1 Warp Trotter

To locate the Warp Trotter, travel south from Svarog’s Base Space Anchor until you reach the base of the staircase.

6) Treasure Chest

You can find the next chest at the lower level of the map where Clara heads off during the main quest.

7) Treasure Precious Chest

To find the next chest, head north from the previous one. However, please note that the chest is guarded by a Level 39 Mini-Boss, which you must defeat in order to unlock it.

8) Treasure Chest

It is located east of the previous chest.

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