Royinjan’s Chapter: Linga World Quest | Genshin Impact 3.0

This guide shows how to complete the world quest “Royinjan’s Chapter: Linga” in the game of Genshin Impact 3.0. Royinjan’s Chapter: Linga is part of the Vimana Agama quest series. You will also find a luxurious chest in this world quest. It is recommended to carry 1 bow character and 1 Dendro character.

Vimana Agama quest series

  1. Vimana Agama: First Chapter
  2. Vimana Agama: Royinjan’s Chapter
    Royinjan’s Chapter: Linga
    – Royinjan’s Chapter: Yoni
  3. Vimana Agama: Jazari’s Chapter
  4. Vimana Agama: Dev Delver Chapter

Look for the submerged cave

As the quest starts, teleport to the waypoint mentioned on the map below. In case the teleport waypoint is not active then go to the statue of seven and then glide northeast to reach the teleport waypoint. Enter the cave behind the teleport waypoint.

Lower the water level

You will find two seelies inside the cave. Follow both the two seelies to unlock the mechanism.

#1 Seelie: On a ruined pillar in the middle of the water. Follow it to reach the sealed entrance with a mechanism.

#2 Seelie: Drop below the platform with a sealed entrance and mechanism to find it.

Once both seelies reach their desired location it will unlock the seal around the entrance. Interact with the mechanism to lower the water.

Go to the cave below

Glide down to the cave below and follow the path.

Lower the water level further

Continue to follow the cave. At the end use the Vintage Lyre to play the Rhythm of Vamadha. Finally hit the door with the Dendro character to open it and head inside.

Inside you need to activate three Dendro totems. First, summon Dendrograna and hit the Floating Dendro objects above totems to release the seal around totem. Summon Dendrograna again and hit the totem again to activate it. Do this for all three totems.

At this time a luxurious chest will appears in front of you. Next, head to the left and activate the mechanism to lower the water.

Search for a mechanical component

Finally, glide down to collect the mechanical component to complete the quest.

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