Ruin D-02 Password | Tower of Fantasy

This guide shows where to find the password for Ruin D-02 in the game Tower of Fantasy. This passcode is required to open the door at the end of the Ruin D-02. Ruin D-02 is unlocked at level 37.

Tower of Fantasy Ruin D-02 Password

You need to interact with two PC terminals to get the passcode.

Passcode #1

The first PC is immediately in front of you as you enter the second chamber of the Ruin D-02. Eliminate all the enemies nearby and interact with the PC terminal to get the passcode. Here you will get the passcode as _ _ 87

Passcode #2

Enter the room on the right. Eliminate the enemy inside the room and then rotate the valve on the pipe.

This will drain out the water, allowing you to walk into the bay.

Climb the small metal stairs and interact with the PC terminal. Here you will get the passcode as 28 _ _

So, the final code to open the gate is 2 8 8 7. Proceed to the end of the corridor and use the passcode to open the door.

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