Safe Codes & Door Combination: Resident Evil 8 Village

All Resident Evil Village lock codes and rewards

Village Workshop: Lock Code/ Safe Code 

    • After escaping the castle, few more areas open up to explore in the village. The workshop is in one of the areas, just South of the Fallow Plot.
    • You will find a locked safe with a combination lock of 6 different numbers. 
    • To find the combination look outside the window and line up the numbers on the wall, window frame, and fabric to get the combination to the lock.
    • The code for Workshop safe is 07-04-08
    • There is a new pistol M1911 inside and a Jack Handle

Luthier’s House safe: Lock Code/ Safe Code 

    • The second locked safe is in Luthier’s House of the Village (Village 1F). The code for Luthier’s House safe is 27-09-17

Beneviento House: Door Code/ Safe Code 

    •  You will find the locked door in Beneviento House
    • Take the Wedding Ring off a doll/Mannequin in the Doll Workshop
    • Extract Silver Key from the right hand of the doll
    • Head inside a room (using the silver key) and wash off the blood to reveal the code
    • The code for Beneviento’s Doll Workshop is 27-09-17

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