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Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – Sargasso Complete Collectible Guide

There is 1 x Spybot3 x Gold Bolts4 x Armour Piece, and 1 x CraiggerBear that you can find on Sargasso in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.

Armor #1: Galactic Ranger – Helmet
Galactic Ranger Helmet is available while playing as Rivet for the first time (female Lombax) in sargasso. This is the part of the main storyline, where the game story forces you to enter a big Pocket Dimension (purple portal) as marked on the map. 

Once you enter the Pocket Dimension, the game will give you a tutorial on how to ride Speetles (crabs). Hope onto Speetles and ride to the small island straight ahead. Galactic Ranger Helmet is on the island below the crane.

Gold Bolt #1:
You can locate the Gold Bolt #1 in the very northern area of sargasso planet at the edge of the map. Go to the back of Gelatonium Factory. You need to drift across the gap by grappling to a yellow portal on a small rocky island with a big tree. Gold bolt is on the island as marked on the map.

Gold Bolt #2:
You can find Gold Bolt #2 after crossing the broken bridge as marked on the map. You need to repair the broken bridge as part of the main storyline. You can need to fight off an enemy name Grunthor (big dinosaur). Gold Bolt is located behind a green silo as marked on the map in the area where you defeated the Grunthor.

Armor #2: Robot Disguise – Boots
Robot Disguise – Boot is located inside Rivet’s Hideout as marked on the map. You can reach Rivet’s Hideout only after repairing the bridge and fighting a Grunthor which are part of the main storyline. You will have to ride a Speetle and then enter a cave (Rivet’s Hideout). 

Head inside the cave and walk straight to find a Pocket Dimension. Pass through the purple color Pocket Dimension and follow the linear path till the end to collect the Robot Disguise – Boots

CraiggerBears #1:
You can collect CraiggerBears only after defeating Seekerpede in Boss fight. Head back to Rivet’s Hideout, follow the path going to the right side inside the cave. Keep walking along the linear path. Once out of the cave area, you can be located CraiggerBears sitting on a sofa.

Armor #3: Robot Disguise – Chest
You can collect Robot Disguise – Chest armor only after defeating Seekerpede in Boss fight. Head to the Pocket dimension location in the southwestern area of the map (as marked on the map). You can use a Speetle to reach this area.

Walk into the portal and follow the linear path to find the Armor at the end. You can also shoot boxes to make a path for you. Check the below mention video for more clarity.

Armor #4: Galactic Ranger – Boots
You can get Galactic Ranger – Boots Armor only after completing planet 3 “Scarstu Debris Field”. You need to get a side quest “Help Trudi” from Mort. Also, you need to collect 30 Zurpstone to make this armor available. Location is marked on the map.

Zurpstone is a violet color flower that you can nab from nearby rock islands. Collect all 30 total Zurpstone and return them to the quest giver, he will reward you with this armor.

Gold Bolt #3
This Gold Bolt is available only after completing planet 3 “Scarstu Debris Field”. You can backtrack to Sargasso using your spaceship.

A new side quest will be available in Sargasso, it is automatically marked on the map with the name “Help Trudi (Optional)”. Complete this quest and you will unlock some Zurpstone icons on the map. Collect 30 total and return them to the quest giver to unlock a flying dragon mount. You can now use a dragon to fly. 

Around the center of the map, here’s a gold bolt hanging in the air inside a ring you can fly through. It is reachable with the flying dragon mount! 

Spybot #1:
First, collect 45 Zurpstones to unlock Trudi (Dragon) fire ability. Zurpstone locations are already marked on the map once 15 Zurpstone were collect for quest giver. Use the fire ability of Dragon (Trudi) to collect 60 Zurpstones. You can find some Zurpstone located at the top of Silo also. Return to Mort and he will reward you with a Spybot.

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