Satisfactory: Water Pipeline & Coal Generators Explained | Building The Most Efficient Water Transportation System

How To Extract Water

Water is extracted using water extractor. Water Extractors work only in pond and lakes, not in rivers. Water need to be deep for the extractors to work. Extracted water is transported using pipeline.

How Many Water Extractors To Be Attached To A Pipeline

Pipeline maximum flow rate is 300 m3 /minute. water extractor extraction rate is 120 m3 /min.
Number of water extractor to be connected to pipeline to get maximum flow rate in pipeline = 300/120 = 2.5 (Connect 3 Water Extractors)

Pipeline Pumps & Head Lift

For pipeline going uphill greater than 10m you need to install pipeline pump.
Pump allows water to move uphill by 20 m (Head Lift). You can check the head lift by interacting with the pump.

Head Lift does not stack, which means installing 2 pumps nearby does not increase the head lift value. So space the pumps by 20m for maximum utilisation of resources. If headlift exceeds 20m, pump will display a warning.

Pipeline going downhill does not require a pump.

Pipeline moving horizontally requires pipeline pump at every 450 m.

How Many Coal Generators To Be Connected To Pipeline

To achive max flow rate of pipeline water need to be consumed at 300 m3/min.

One coal generator consumes 45 M3 / min.

Number of coal generators to be connected to pipeline for max efficiency = 300/45 = 6.67 (7).
provide 8 generators to allow power fluctuations so that fuse doesnt trip.

Connect machines to the power grid such that power consumption of grid is greater that 500 MW. This will ensure that water consumption is 300 m3/min and the pipeline is fully utilised.

Note: Power produced by one coal generator is 75 MW.
Power produced by a grid with 8 Coal Generators = 75×8 = 600 MW.
Maintaining 500 MW power supply will allow a buffer of 100 MW to prevent the fuse from tripping due to fluctuations.

Pipe Junctions

Pipe Junctions does not behave like conveyor junctions in which materials are equally split. Water flow at junctions works off gravity. In order to maintain equal flow in the split pipes, maintain same slope of the pipes.

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