Surprise Test: Vase Paws Location | Scarlet Nexus (Side Quest Guide)

Side Quest: Surprise Test!
Requester: Examiner
Receiving Location: Suoh City Ryujin Ward, Main Street
Objective: In mid-air, defeat 2 Vase Paws
Reward: All Light Jelly x 3

This walkthrough will show you where to find Vase Paws and how to complete the side quest “Surprise Test” in Scarlet Nexus. Check the video link at the bottom of this page to see the location of Vase Paws. The quest requester can be found in the south part of the Suoh City Ryujin Ward (Main Street) near the save point (see the images below).

Where to find Vase Paws?

Open the world map and go to Mid-Level Shopping District in Kikuchiba. You’ll find two Vase Paws in the central area of the map (see the images below). To complete the side quest you need to defeat the Vase Paws while you’re in mid-air. Keep attacking the vase paws to lower their health. When their health gets very low, jump and give the finishing blow from mid-air.

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