Scarstu Debris Field Collectibles: Gold Bolt, Spybot,Armour,Craiggerbear | Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

All Collectibles in Scarstu Debris Field | Ratchet & Clank : Rift Apart

This article shows the location of all the collectibles in the Scarstu Debris Field, which is the third planet in Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart. Scarstu Debris Field contains a total of 11 collectibles: 3 Gold Bolts, 5 Armours, 2 Spybots, and 1 Craiggerbear. Go to the bottom of the page to check the video showing the location of all the collectibles. 

Gold Bolt #1 in Scarstu Debris Field

The first Gold Bolt is beneath the central platform of the planet as shown in the picture below. From your landing location go down the ramp and then take right to reach the next platform. Turn around and look below the central platform and you can see the Gold bolt beneath it (See the picture below). In order to get to this Gold Bolt jump and Glide to reach it. Check the video link at the bottom of the page to see how to get this Gold Bolt. 

Armor #1 – Q Force Helmet 

This Armor is in the pocket dimension at the North East side of the planet (See location in the picture below). Go inside the pocket dimension and jump across the platforms to reach the Armor. Check the video link at the bottom of the page to see how to get this Armor 

Craiggerbear in Scarstu Debris Field 

The Craiggerbear is inside the Pocket Dimension at the North Side of the Planet (See picture below). Enter the Pocket Dimension and go to the Gastropub reception. There you will find the Craiggerbear sitting at the top of a box on the left side of the reception (See Picture Below) 

Armor #2 – Robot Pirate Boots 

You get this Armor by completing the first Battleplex Challenge inside the Gastropub. This challenge is part of the main questline and is unmissable. 

Gold Bolt #2 in Scarstu Debris Field

You will get the second Gold Bolt by completing the 4th Battleplex Bronze Challenge “Bugtrax”. Time Trial: Finish the Speetle course quickly. 

Armor #3 – Carbonox Advanced Boots 

Complete the fifth Battleplex Bronze Challenge “A Grunthor Named Sue” and get this Armor as a reward. 

Ryno Spybot in Scarstu Debris Field

This Spybot is on a floating platform very far ahead of the northmost point of the planet (See the Picture Below). You cannot get it during your first visit to the planet. You can get this only after completing Planet 6 Torren IV. During the main storyline in Planet 6, you will unlock ‘Hurlshot Ability’. Once you have the ability, come back to Scarstu Debris Field and go behind the Pocket Dimension on the north side. There you will see a yellow hook (Check the picture below). Press ‘O’  when prompted to fly over to the platform far away to the north and get the Spybot. 

Gold Bolt #3 in Scarstu Debris Field

This is the reward for completing the 3rd Battleplex Silver Challenge “Pest Control”.  Silver challenges will be available only after completing Planet 7, Cordelion. After finishing the seventh planet, the story will bring you back to the Battleplex Console. Complete the fight that is part of the main storyline and then silver challenges will be unlocked. 

Armor #4 – Carbonox Advanced Chest 

This is the reward for completing the 5th Battleplex Silver Challenge “Revenge of the Seekerpede” 

Ryno Spybot in in Scarstu Debris Field

You get this Spybot by completing the 4th Battleplex Gold Challenge “Vroom Around”. Gold challenges will be available only after completing Planet 9, Viceron. The main story will bring you back to Zurkie’s bar where you have to talk to Quantum. This will trigger the ‘Point of no return’. So, before talking to Quantum you can complete the Gold Challenges for the reward. 

Armor #5 – Carbonox Advanced Helmet 

Complete the 5th Battleplex Gold Challenge “Twice as Nice” and get it as a reward. Gold challenges will be available only after completing Planet 9, Viceron. 

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