Scorn – Act 2 – All Achievements Guide

  • Post published:October 15, 2022
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This guide will show you how to obtain all achievements of Act 2 in the game Scorn. Scorn is the latest addition to Xbox Game Pass and was released on October 14, 2022. Act 2 has two achievements and both are story related.

004 – Close encounter

As Act 2 begins, follow the way through the barren landscape to enter the mystery building

Pass through the tight path and turn left into a new path. Continue until you reach a locked path (made of bones). Here, you will come across an unusual creature, and as it crawls back into a hole the path will open.

Take the route to the right. Follow the spiral path, then turn right to encounter the strange creature again. It’ll creep back into the hole.

Head to the left and continue the circular path until you reach a locked door.

On the opposite wall, there is a dead body.  Interact with the dead body to pick a Cylinder Key.

The first cylinder key puzzle can be found on the wall immediately above the dead body. Solve it to upgrade the Cylinder Key (first upgrade)

Backtrack down the hallway to a nearby room with glowing red eggs. Earlier this area was not accessible. Use the cylinder key on the machine to unlock the gate.

Note: You will need to fill 4 shells/buds in the middle. To make all 4 shells fall, you must upgrade the Cylinder Key four times. As of now, only 1 update is over near the skeleton. So, as of now take the elevator on the left to reach the upper area.

Go left in the upper section to find the strange creature again.  Continue through the narrow passage until you reach a switch at the end.

Here, three tunnels will be visible, but only one tunnel can be accessed at a time. Selecting a tunnel to stretch the path.

Left Tunnel:

Enter the left path to find another key puzzle. Insert the key and solve the puzzle for the 2nd upgrade.

Middle Tunnel:

Enter the middle tunnel and proceed past a massive spinning fan. Go up the ramp to encounter the strange creature. Follow it up the tight route to an open area.

There is a passage on the left that leads to three tentacle connections. Pull all three to bring the rotating fan to a halt. As you move away, the creature will attack and cling to you.

You will earn the achievement 004 – Close encounter

005 – Key possession

After the attack, stand up and return along the same road you came. Pass through the deactivated fan blades. The path leads to a second puzzle.

Solve the puzzle for the third upgrade.

Use the lift near the puzzle to ride back down. Use the Spike-Wrist installer.

Then open the door to reach the same area where you originally found the cylinder key on a skeleton.

Back On The Left Tunnel

Return to the left tunnel. You can enter a control room opposite the Cylinder Key Puzzle. Move the body and use your Spike-Wrist to start the device.

Rotate the mechanism to link the rightmost tube, which is obstructed by dead bodies. Interact to flush the corpse from the tunnel.

Following the Right Tunnel

The tunnel filled with dead bodies is now clear. Go inside the rightmost tunnel and complete the final cylinder puzzle. (4th upgrade)

Return to the red shell room and use the Cylinder Key to lower all four buds, causing a terminal to rise up. 

The Cylinder lock will slide to the left and you will have to solve a problem to match all of the white lights with the red spots.

Solving the puzzle to get Locked Door Decoder and heart. We can now use it to open locked doors.

Collect the key to earn a 005 – Key possession

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