Scorn – Act 3 All Achievements Guide

  • Post published:October 17, 2022
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This guide will show how to get all Achievements of Act 3 in the game Scorn. Scorn is the latest addition to Xbox Game Pass and was released on October 14, 2022.

006 – Path Forward Constructed

As Act 3 begins, enter the middle path shown in the figure below.

Interact with the terminal to upgrade the key (2 bright dots), then retrace your steps.

After that, go to the left path and unlock the locked door. Enter inside and use the pneumatic pistol to open the path by interacting with the terminal. You can use your pneumatic gun to kill or stun the monster here.

Follow the freshly opened path. Interact with a terminal on the other side to rotate the disc and open a passage.

Return to the previous room and interact with the terminal once more to open a path up in the balcony. Finally, retrace your steps back to the beginning. Next, take the middle path( or right path, as both will take you to the same location).

After a bit of walking pass, you will reach an area with a large sphere. Use the terminal to move the sphere to the other side. Ride the sphere to cross.

Interact with the terminal to move the sphere and clear a path on the left.

Follow the newly open path and turn right. Follow the trail until you reach the elevator puzzle area.

Take the path leading down to reach a terminal and then turn right. Interact with it to release the trapped spherical from the depths.

Turn right and push forward until you reach another terminal. Use it to raise the sphere again.

Take the right path. Move until you reach a terminal with three controls.

Use the first control. Now, we’ll have to find the other two controls to open the remaining paths.

Ride the elevator on the left to cross to the other side. On the left of the new area use the weapon rack to get the pistol. Use the ammo dispenser behind you to get ammo.

Push forward, and solve the first node puzzle. In the puzzle, you have to light up all the nodes. 

Collect the switch and head back to the three terminal switches. Interact with it to open the second lower level. 

Use the elevator to go down. Just follow the path and ignore the enemies here. Once again solve the puzzle to the switch.

Head back to the main panel and insert the last piece to activate the last level. Ride the elevator down.

Next, head to the control terminal located on the balcony to the left of the elevator. Use it to mount the sphere onto the hook and transfers it near the main elevator.

Use the main elevator’s arm to get the sphere (upper terminal). Next, go to the lower terminal and raise the main elevator to the upper level.

Use the upper terminal to attach the sphere to the hook to the right of the main elevator.

Use the nearby terminal to move the sphere toward the center. Pass through the newly installed sphere to reach a new area. As you install the sphere you will earn Path Forward Constructed [006] achivement.

007 – At The Lowermost Point

Take the left way in the new area. On the right path, there is an ammo dispenser. Continue down the left path until you reach a terminal. Use the pneumatic gun to move the railings.

Go through the door to reach a narrow path on the left with a monster. Wait for the monster to pass before crossing.

Follow the path and use the terminal to move the rail once again.

Follow the new path and then right at the end. Turn right again after exiting the corridor to reach an elevator.

Ride the elevator and use the terminal to open a new path downstairs.

Go down and cross the newly opened way until you reach a terminal. Use the terminal to move the rail door.

Upgrade the key card on the other side using the terminal.

Racetrack back to the elevator and go up. Turn left to open the locked door.

Ride the sphere and when the sphere comes to a halt, go to the right and prepare your pistol to kill monster.

Blast the monster that is dangling from the roof. Continue on and then right until you come across a big monster.

Wait for the big monster to pass. When you have enough room, move around it and then turn left to get to the elevator. Act 3 of Scorn is completed by using the elevator. You will also earn the achievement.

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