Search for mine cart parts with the help of the Home-Use Object Finder | Honkai Star Rail

This article will guide you on how to complete the objective “Search for mine cart parts with the help of the Home-Use Object Finder” for the quest “Ones Fallen Into the Abyss” Honkai Star Rail.

During Ones Fallen Into The Abyss Quest in Honkai: Star Rail, players find a robot that helps fix a broken Mine Cart by locating a missing Pin and Wheelset. This robot is called Findie and is a Home-Use Object Finder designed to locate hidden objects.

Guide to Locating Mine Cart Parts in Honkai Star Rail

Players need to utilize Findie to locate the hidden Mine Cart Pin and Wheelset in order to find the Mine Cart parts.

Mine Cart Pin

Position Findie close to the broken cart to discover the approximate location of the object. Track the Green beam towards the northwest to locate a chest.

Position Findie once again close to the chest to direct the players towards the southeast. Finally, use the Finder for the last time to uncover the Mine Cart Pin.

Mine Cart Wheelset

To obtain the Mine Cart Wheelset, players should start at the Calyx (Golden): Bud of Treasures location, deploy Findie, and follow these steps:

Proceed toward the direction of the green beam. Position the Finder once again near the yellow crystal crate. Examine the location to acquire the Mine Cart Wheelset.

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