Search for the Lost Monument Fragments | Genshin Impact

This article will guide you on how to complete the objective “Search for the Lost Monument Fragments” for the world quest “Monumental Study” in Genshin Impact. Here you need to find four of The Khvarena Inscription Fragments. The Khvarena Inscription Fragments are objects that may be found in Sumeru’s Girdle of the Sands. They are used in the world quest Monumental Study, which is unlocked when one of the fragments is collected.

Note: The fragments are visible and accessible only while the player is Sorush.

Khvarena Inscription Fragment 1

To find the fragment, go to the Hills of Barsom and locate the giant tree. Enter beneath the tree’s root and employ Sorush to aid in your search. Once you’ve found it, fly to where the fragment is located and retrieve it.

Khvarena Inscription Fragment 2

To locate the following fragment, head towards the southern regions of the Vourukasha Oasis. From the fast travel point, gaze towards the southeast direction to spot the fragment.

Khvarena Inscription Fragment 3

To acquire the next fragment, make your way to the western areas of the Asipattravana Swamp. You can find it hovering over the grand entrance to the ruins. Go to the designated teleport waypoint, head east, and then glide down to reach the fragment.

Khvarena Inscription Fragment 4

It is located northwest of Tunigi Hollow. The fragment is on top of the tree.

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