Seirai Stormchasers Part 1 | World Quest | Genshin Impact 2.1 Walkthrough

‘Seirai Stormchasers’ is a world quest introduced in the Genshin Impact 2.1 update, released on 1st September 201. To start the quest, talk to Katheryne in Inazuma City as shown below.

Look for the Adventurers on Seirai Island

As the quest starts, your first objective will be to ‘Look for the adventurers on Seirai Island’. The location of Seirai Island will be marked on the map. Summon waverider and travel to the marked location. Talk to Eiko and Taisuke there.

Follow the cat footprints and explore up ahead

After talking to the adventurers you will have to follow the cat footprints. It will lead you to Asase Shrine.

Check on the offering box

After talking to the cat in the shrine, your next objective will be to Check on the offering box. The shine is nearby on the west side of the shrine. Interact with the shrine and the objective will be updated.

Go to the Village and look for materials with which to initiate repairs

First, go to Koseki Village as marked on your map. Defeat all the treasure hoarders at the marked location and talk to the last remaining treasure hoarder. He will tell you the location of the treasure Hoarders camp in Fort Hiraumi. Go there and defeat the treasure hoarders. After that, you have to collect three items from the treasure hoarder’s camp: Box of Nails, Planks & Rope.

Once you have the items, return back to the Asase Shrine and fic the offering box. Then report back to Neko. Your next objective will be to ‘Seal the Warding Stone’. A small tutorial will appear explaining how to do it.

How to Solve ‘Seal the Warding Stones’ Puzzle

Near the warding stones, you will find three poles with paper charms on them. First, touch the poles to reveal the paper charm hanging from them. There are four paper charms in the below picture. You must remember the position of each pole and the number of paper charms on them.

The warding stone is made of three stones, one kept over another. The top and middle stones can be rotated independently and they also contain paper charms.

You have to rotate the warding stones such that the number of paper charms on a section of the stone is same as the number of paper charms on the pole corresponding to it. In the below picture, the warding stone section and the pole corresponding to it, both have 4 paper charms. The paper charms on the warding stone section start glowing red when it matches its corresponding pole. You have to match the three sections on the warding stone with the corresponding pole to solve the puzzle.

Warding Stone Puzzle

Location: Go to the edge of the mountain south of Koseki Village as shown below. Interact with the three Paper Charm Hangars near the Warding Stone.

Number of paper charms: 4,4 & 3
Solution: You can solve the puzzle by rotating the bottom stone twice.
The image below shows the final arrangement that you get on solving the puzzle. Solving the puzzle will finish the qiuest.

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