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This guide shows where to find Shabriri Grapes & Fingerprint Grape for Hyetta’s questline. Click here for the complete walkthrough of Hyetta’s questline.

Shabriri Grapes #1 Location

Go to Godrick the Grafted Site of Grace as shown below. Then go straight and enter the throne room. From there, go down through the left door and go down the stairs. Then drop down to the lower floor from the left side. Here you will find a Shabriri Grape as shown in the second picture below. Then go back to Hyetta and give it to her.

Shabriri Grape #2 Location

This one is in Purified Ruins, which is south of Liurnia Highway North as shown in the pictures below.

Enter the Purified Ruins and break the wooden planks as shown in the picture below. This will reveal a hidden path. Go down the stairs and collect the Shabri Grape from the room below.

You will find Hyetta behind a ruined building west of the Purified Ruins as shown in the pictures below. Go to Hyetta and give the grape to her.

Shabriri Grape #3 Location

Go to Revenger’s Shack in Liurnia as shown below. Rest on the Site of Grace there and you will be invaded by Edward the Revenger. defeat him and he will drop a Shabriri Grape. If Edward doesn’t invade, then loot the items inside the shack.

You will find Hyetta near the Gate Town Bridge Site of Grace, standing near the mountain wall. Go to her and give the grape to her.

Fingerprint Grape Location

Fingerprint Grape will be dropped by Festering Fingerprint Vyke. You will find him at the location shown in the picture below. To reach the marked location, go south from the Grand Lift of Dectus to reach Frenzied Flame Village. From there, go northwest to reach the marked location. when you reach there, you will be invaded by Festering Fingerprint Vyke. Kill him to get the Fingerprint Grape.

Now go to Bellum Church and you will find Hyetta near the Site of Grace. Give her the Fingerprint Grape.

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  1. Michael Putt

    Npc didn’t spawn, and no items in shack?

    1. eldenringplayer

      you need to start hyettas questline first (i dont know if it is enough to talk to her once to make him spawn, or if you need to progress her to a specific location)

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