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Brave Adventurer (Croft manor)

Enter the Castle & Find a Way into the Forbidden Tomb

This mission takes place in the Croft Manor when Lara was a kid. You’ve to climb the castle. Climb the front terrace of the castle first. Then grab the ledge and move to the right side of the building. Keep climbing till you reach the roof. Cross the narrow space and climb the ladder to reach further up. When on top, keep going forward until a cut-scene starts and Lara falls off from the room to a balcony. The room in front of you is the forbidden tomb.

How to Solve the White Queen Puzzle?

Find the White Queen: Go to the big globe in the room. Rotate the right dial so the numbers line up with 30 North. Rotate the left dial so the numbers line up with 90 East. A ladder will come down in the room. Climb up the ladder and proceed to the next dial. Rotate the dial to completely unfurl the plane’s wings. Return to the floor below. Align the chess-like pieces so the shields sit in the lit up circles.

Free the White Queen: Raise the ladder by returning to the globe and using the right dial. Go behind where the ladder was and pull the White Queen onto the newly lit up circle. Enter into the now-open room.

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