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City of Serpent

Go to the Crimson Fire

Go to the Skull Cave in the hidden city and talk to Etzli to begin the final mission. Once you talk to Etzli, you won’t be able to fast-travel and explore until the final mission is over. Lara will be in water after the cut-scene.  Swim underwater towards the objective marker, surface up and crouch ahead to each the open area. Run forward, jump, grapple-swing in the air to grab the crabby wall ahead and climb up. Move ahead by doing the regular jumping and swinging. After a while you’ll have to crouch to move forward. Afterwards, jump forward and throw the grapple-axe to grab the crabby wall and shimmy right until you reach the end, rappel down, swing and jump to grab the ledge ahead. Use rope-tether to zip-line to the next surface. A cut-scene will start.

Follow the Yaaxil to the Pyramid and Reach Dominguez

Follow the Yaaxil to the Pyramid: The Yaaxils will open the gate for Lara. Move ahead jump on the crabby wall, shimmy right, jump and grapple-swing in mid-air to reach ahead. Keep running, jump on the ledge, shimmy left & climb up the crabby wall to reach the surface. Move forward, jump and grapple-swing in mid-air to grab the crabby wall ahead. You’ll see a helicopter on your right getting attacked by Yaaxils. Keep climbing until you reach the top. Move towards the gate. A cut-scene will start.

REACH DOMINGUEZ:  Kill the trinity soldiers and move ahead until you reach a point where you’ll find Rourke in an armoured vehicle. Stay behind cover and keep shooting the trinity soldiers. Shoot the explosive barrels to speed up the process. Eventually, Yaaxils will take over the armoured vehicle and kill Rourke. Climb the ledges to the right of the armoured vehicle. Keep moving forward and jump on the crabby wall ahead, climb up and grab the ledges, shimmy right and climb up the surface. Jump ahead and throw grapple-axe to grab the surface above, climb up to reach the surface and jump ahead (the floor will break and Lara will start sliding). Jump forward, grapple-swing in mid-air to reach the crabby wall, and then climb up. Now, jump again, throw the grappling-hook, keep hanging and run on the wall (with white markings) to gain momentum, jump again and grapple-swing in mid-air to grab the ledges ahead. Keep climbing up the ledges and the crabby wall to finally reach the area where Dominguez is performing the ritual. Be ready for the boss fight coming ahead.

Final Boss Fight


  • Dominguez is in the center surrounded by a shield which is drawing energy from 3 mirrors. First, you need to disable the shield by destroying the 3 energy sources.
  • Go behind the mirror (shield’s energy source) and break it with your grapple-axe, by tapping the interaction key. Once you do that, few cultist warriors will attack you. Kill them and repeat the same process with the other 2 mirrors.
  • The shield will be down now and you’ll have to fight Dominguez directly. Keep attacking him until he is immobilized (radiating some sort of energy). Approach him and use the interaction key to attack him. Repeat this process 5 times to finish the boss fight.


  • Shotgun will do a lot of damage. Assault rifle is good as well.
  • Look around for ammo boxes lying around in the area.
  • Keep dodging Dominguez’s attack.
  • Dominguez will sometimes charge towards you using teleportation. Dodge the attack.
  • Try to lure him around explosive barrels and blow up the barrel to do heavy damage.

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