SHADOW OF THE TOMB RAIDER – Eye of the Serpent

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Eye of the Serpent (Cenote)

Find the Inner Stronghold & Open the Great Gate

Head north from Unuratu’s home and enter the mountain temple. Move forward, jump on the craggy wall and rappel down. Climb on the wall in front of you, run forward and jump to grab the ledge on the next building. Shimmy right and climb the surface and a new base camp will be unlocked. Move forward from the base camp, climb the wall and rope-slide to reach the next building. Take out the guard patrolling this area, run up the stairs, crouch forward into the next room with 2 guards. After taking out both the guards, exit the room through the narrow space in the wall and turn right to reach the area with the Great Gate. Takeout the 8 guards patrolling this area and then climb the great gate. This will initiate a cut-scene and Lara will open the Great Gate.

Dive into the Cenote

Dive Into the Cenote: After exiting the mountain temple, jump on the craggy wall to the right and move left. Jump of the ledge to the left, shimmy right, move down the craggy wall, wall-run and jump right to grab the craggy wall. Moves left and rappel down. Then run forward, jump and use grapple axe to swing across the gap. Move forward and jump on the craggy wall in front, rappel down and let yourself fall in the water. Swim underwater for a while to reach the surface, climb up the wall and move out in the open to enjoy the breath-taking view of the Cenote. Rope-slide to the next spot and discover a new base camp. 

Climb up the ledge, walk through the tunnel and dive into the Cenote. Swim forward to enter the building, and then swim underwater towards the objective marker to reach the surface. Disable the trip-wire and proceed forward into a dark cavern where you’ll see the body of a trinity soldier hanging at the top.

Reach the Hanging Trinity Soldier: Jump on the ledge in front, climb up the crabby wall, jump left and grab another ledge, and then shimmy left to towards the crabby wall. Rappel down, swing and jump forward to grab the ledge and climb up to the surface. Run up the stairs, pass through the narrow space and then turn left. Jump on the ledge, shimmy left till you reach the end and jump to grab the crabby wall on the other side. Rappel down, wall run and jump down to grab the crabby wall on left. Scale up the crabby wall, jump to grab the ledge above, shimmy left and scale up the crabby wall to reach the surface. Grab the ledge in front, shimmy right and climb up to reach the hanging Trinity soldier.

Survive the Ambush

Cut the rope holding the hanging body. A cut-scene will start, in which Lara will pick up the shotgun. Move ahead and fire the shotgun at the barrier to destroy it. After moving forward for a while, a Yaaxil (guardians of the Silver Box of Ix Chel) will attack you and you’ll fall into a pit. Several Yaaxils will attack you now and you’ve to survive the ambush (Important Tips: Shoot the green coloured barrels to set Yaaxils on fire. Pick up the Ammo boxes lying around. Keep running and dodging).

After the ambush, climb the area through which the last group of Yaaxils came. Keep moving forward and you’ll enter a water filled room. Go underwater and destroy the rubble blocking the wheel. Come to the surface and rope-tether the giant wheel to the pulley. Rotate the pulley to rotate the giant wheel opening up a path underwater. Swim underwater for a while to reach the next area. Disable the trip-wire and move ahead where a Yaaxil will attack you. Now, jump and grab the ledge on your right, shimmy left, jump on the craggy wall, rappel down, wall-run and jump left to reach the surface. Move ahead and rappel down the crabby wall to reach a large area with closed gates.

Open the Ix-Chel Gate (Solve the Water-Wheel Puzzle)

Basic Rules:

  • There are 2 set of puzzles and solving them will open the 2 gates.
  • You’ve to align the serpent heads in such a fashion that water flows onto the big-wheel (opening the gate).
  • To rotate the serpent head you need to rope-tether it to the pulley, and rotate the pulley.

PUZZLE 1 (Right Side):

  • Reach the area on the right which has the pulley.
  • Make sure that the central serpent head is facing you.
  • Jump and throw axe-grapple to climb up the central serpent head and reach the upper serpent head.
  • Destroy the rubble blocking the movement of the upper serpent head.
  • Return back to the pulley. Rotate the upper, central and lower serpent heads to make the water flow onto the giant wheel. This will open the 1st
  • Jump in the water go to the left side (for the 2nd puzzle). To go to the left side you need to go underwater and swim to the other side through the gaps in the big rotating wheel.

PUZZLE 2 (Left Side):

  • There are only 2 serpent heads on this side.
  • Rotate the upper serpent head to make it face you. This will increase the water level in the pool in front of you.
  • Jump in the pool, go underwater and destroy the rubble blocking the movement of the lower serpent head. This is possible only if the water level is high & rubble is fully submerged.
  • Return to the pulley. Rotate both the serpent heads to make water flow onto the giant wheel. This will open the 2nd and final gate. 

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