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Hunter's Moon (Cozumel, Mexico)

Explore the Temple Ruins

Explore the Ruins: Crawl through a narrow space and move forward. You’’’ come across an entrance blocked with wooden debris. Use your rope-arrows to pull the object and clear the path. Be careful of the trap as you enter this area. Interact with the trap (a wire on the floor) to disable it and crawl forward. You’ll enter a chamber with a pool of water in the centre. Dive-in the water, you’ll find a crack underneath the water leading to another area and keep swimming forward. If you’re running out of breath take a breath from the trapped air pockets. 

Eventually you’ll reach the end where you’ll have to swim up through a very narrow space to reach the surface. Just before reaching the surface, you’ll be trapped in the narrow space. Tap the interaction key repeatedly to break free from the trap and reach the surface. Start moving forward and keep an eye out for another tripwire on the floor. After that you’ll have to jump across the ledge, grab the wall and climb up to reach the pyramid.

Get to the Top of the Pyramid

Move forward and jump on the hanging platform. You’ll have to jump across three platforms to reach the next surface where you’ll see a blocked path in front of you. Take the path on the right side to get to the other side of the blockade. Use your rope-arrows to pull apart the blockade and push the cart down the opened path. The cart will fall over a platform causing another platform to rise-up. Jump on this raised platform and then to another and finally jump over to reach the next higher surface area.

This area will end after you move a few steps. Look up, you’ll see a rope. Loose an arrow at the rope to tether it to a nearby post. Now use the rope to reach the next higher surface. Move forward and keep an eye out for a tripwire on the floor. When this path ends use the hanging platform to reach the next surface. Here you’ll have to solve a small puzzle to move forward.

Push the cart to central platform. Now, go to the pulley. Make sure that the pulley is tethered to the rope on the right side. Use the pulley to rotate the central platform until the winch of the cart is facing the pulley. Now, leave the pulley and tether it with cart’s winch. Now, rotate the pulley again. This time the pulley will pull the cart towards itself. Cut the tethered rope holding the cart which will cause the cart to crash to a platform (raising another platform to the right). Now, jump on this raised platform and quickly (before this platform comes down) make another jump the ladder hanging in front of you. Climb the ladder to reach the higher surface. Move forward, grab the ledge and finally rappel down to reach the top of the pyramid.

Exit the Pyramid & Get Through the Dig Site

As the pyramid starts collapsing, Lara tries to find an exit. Keep moving forward and break the wall at the end to enter the dig site. You’ll find one guard here, stealth kill him. Move forward into the next section of the dig site which is patrolled by 3 guards. You can kill them silently or go gun blazing. (Stealth Tips: Stay in cover, use the bushes to stay hidden and throw object to distract guards). Cross the wall and take out the three guards patrolling the next section. 

Then, kill the guard standing on the raised platform on the right. Now, enter the next and final section. Killing the guards here will raise the alarm. Reinforcement will arrive. Kill them all and move forward into the building. Pry open the gate and go out in the street where Lara will get surrounded by Dominguez and his guards and a cut-scene will start.

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