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In the Shadows (Cozumel, Mexico)

Find and Follow Dominguez: You’re in the town of Cozumel, Mexico, tracking Doctor Dominguez (Trinity’s Head). Move towards the main gate of the area, you’ll find Dominguez there. Jonah will distract the guards while Lara jumps over to the other side. Now, move through the crowd and follow Dominguez. After a while he will get into a much crowded area and you’ll have to take the side alley (on the right side) to keep following him.

Stop the Execution: Dominguez will eventually get in to the dig site but you won’t be able to follow him there because the main gate is guarded. You’ll have to find another way into the dig site. Move towards your right and double jump to scale the wall and get outside the town area (into the forest). Keep moving forward and you’ll come across a couple of guards who are about to execute a civilian. Stealth takedown the first guard and use your bow-arrow to shoot the second guard. This will stop the execution. Now, move forward and double jump over the wall to reach the canyon. Your task will be to reach the temple entrance which is at the base.

Find the Temple’s Entrance: To reach the temple entrance you’ll have to jump over the cliffs, grab the ledges, grapple up-and-down the walls, swing across cliffs and rappel down. Be careful while jumping and grappling. Mistakes will cause you to fall down the cliffs that can be fatal. As you rappel down to reach the temple entrance the mission will end and the next mission “Hunter’s Moon” will start.

2:57 Find Dominguez
4:31 Follow Dominguez
8:10 Find another way in to the dig site
9:07 Investigate the area
9:20 Stop the execution
10:09 Find the temple entrance

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