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Via Veritas (Mission of San Juan)

Follow Abby and meet her friend in Mission of San Juan. She will tell you to look for a hidden crypt in the old library near the cemetery, which is in the northern part of San Juan. Follow the objective marker and reach the library. Jonah will be waiting for you there. Follow Jonah to the library and search for the secret crypt.

Find the Secret Crypt


  • Standing in the centre of the 1st floor room (facing the stairs), look to your right (towards the wall which is on the same side of the entrance) and you’ll find a weak spot. Smash apart the wall and examine.
  • Go upstairs, turn around and go to the far left corner of the room. Break the wall and examine.
  • Back downstairs, go the wall painting that is to the right of the stairs. Smash the wall to uncover the new mural beneath.
  • Turn around and run directly to the opposite side of the building. Break the wall there to reveal the cross.
  • A cut-scene will start in which Lara and Jonah will move the cross opening up the entrance to the basement (The Secret Crypt).

Via Crucis (Mission of San Juan)

Follow the Stations of the Cross

  • Pull the mirror on your left into the beam of incoming light. This will reflect the light on the wall-mirror opening up the gate to the next chamber.
  • At the feet of the Virgin Mary, talk to Jonah for a boost up to clean the mirror. This will direct the light to the wall-mirror ahead, opening up the path to the next chamber.
  • After the cut-scene, in the next chamber, rotate the central mirror 90 degrees to the left, until the beam of light lines up with the wall-mirror.
  • Push up the mechanism at the base of the statue, which just lit up, opening up the path to the next chamber.
  • In the next chamber, push the mirror on the LEFT until it lines up with the light-beam. Now, rotate the same mirror until it lights up the central statue. Then, push the mechanism at the base of the central statue.
  • Go to the mirror on the RIGHT and adjust it to line-up with the light. Rotate the mirror to light-up the statue on the left. Push the mechanism at the base of left statue. A cut-scene will start.

During the cut-scene Lara picks up the Silver Box of Ix-Chel (triggering an earthquake) falls in the water. You’ve to swim to safety now. Swim underwater towards the objective marker. After you surface up you’ll find that Dominguez has arrived in the scene and has taken Jonah hostage.

Veni Vidi Perdidi (Mission of San Juan)

Get Through the Trinity Forces

IMPORTANT TIPS: Remain hidden and take out as many soldiers as you can by stealth takedowns. Fire Arrows laced with “Jaguar’s Fear” on soldiers, to make them kill a few of their own.

There are 5 soldiers in the first area. Take them out and enter the next area through a narrow space in the wall on the right corner. Take out the 7 soldiers in this area and climb over the gate to reach the corn fields, which is being patrolled by several Trinity soldiers. Take them out and exit the cornfield through the stairs at the corner which is at the diagonally opposite end of the main gate. 

A cut-scene will start and a welcome party will be waiting for you there. Take out all the soldiers, enter the building and pry open the gate on the right side. Move ahead and a cut-scene will start. Dominguez will kick Jonah out of the chopper and fly away with the silver box of ix-chel.

Falling Apart (Mission of San Juan)

Outrun the Landslide

Keep running. On the way you’ll have to jump across 3 ditches after which you’ll have to pass through a house. After you exit the house, jump over the pole and then jump across the ditch. The landslide will become severe now and Lara will begin sliding down the path. Jump across to the next platform, jump to grab the wire and slide-across the gap. Lara will start sliding again. Move left and right to avoid hitting any obstacle. Jump when you reach the end and grapple-swing to get to the next surface. Keep jumping and swinging across the gaps and avoid getting hit by obstacles until Lara reaches the end and jumps in the river.

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