SHADOW OF THE TOMB RAIDER – Path to the Hidden City

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Path to the Hidden City

Complete the Trial of the Jaguar and the Trial of the Spider

Trial of the Jaguar: Go downstairs and dive into the water. Swim underwater, after a while you’ll have to swim through a very narrow space. After exiting the narrow space take a breath from the trapped air pocket and continue swimming forward. You’ll be attacked by an eel. After killing the eel you’ll come across the 2nd trapped air pocket just after which you can see light coming from a narrow space. Swim through the narrow space and surface to complete the trial of the Jaguar.

Trial of the Spider: Walk on the wooden platform until you reach the end, then jump forward to grab the ledge on the wall (which has carvings on it). Move right, grabbing the ledges, and at the end jump right to grab the craggy wall. Move up the craggy wall and climb the surface. After walking few steps climb up the ledge on the right (You can continue walking forward as well. Both paths lead to the same point) and crouch forward. Then jump, use grappling hook to swing forward and grab the ledge n front. Climb up and exit the cave to complete the trial of the spider.

How to Solve the Trial of the Eagle Puzzle

  • Move forward and use the ledge on the left to cross over. Turn left, walk on the wooden beam of the central machinery, cross the machinery, grab the ledge at the end and rappel down to reach the lower platform.
  • Walk on the wooden planks to move to the other side, jump and grab the ledge in front, climb up, move outside the area (while grabbing the ledge), rappel down the craggy wall, run on the wall to jump and grab the crabby wall on the right and climb to reach the surface.
  • Rope-tether the rotating-sail to the central machinery (to make it rotate).
  • Wait until the ladder (on the central rotating machinery) is directly in front of Lara, then leap to it and climb the beam, wait atop it (stay safe from the obstacles while you’re on the beam) until close to the climbing point, then leap onto the point.
  • Climb on the beam (watch out for the rotating machinery), move to the platform on your right, wait until the rotating ladder is vertical, climb up the ladder, move right on the ledge and climb on the platform.
  • Move forward, turn right to jump on the central platform, move the beam to the left, jump on to grab the ledge, keep climbing, but wait for the mechanism to pass before proceeding into the hole in the wall of the right.
  • Destroy the debris in the way by using a Rope Tether and pulling. This will reveal a lever.
  • Fire another Rope Tether at the lever and pull. A passage opens to the right.
  • To the left of the “sail” is a coil of ropes; fire another Rope Tether at the lever and attach it to the rope coil so it does not close the passage.
  • Rope Tether the “sail” to the rope coil at the central machinery.
  • Begin climbing as before, making sure to avoid the mechanisms and waiting for opportune moments to climb.
  • Grab the ledge on the central pillar of the machinery, climb the beam on the left, walk to the left, grab the crabby wall, move on the crabby wall to the right and climb on the surface.
  • Walk on the beam and jump to grab the ledges on the central pillar, climb up the central pillar (avoid the mechanism) to reach its top.
  • Jump and grab the crabby wall (to the right of the passageway), rappel down, run on the wall to make a jump towards the ladder on the right (when it’s in vertical position). Climb up to reach the surface and complete the Trial of the Eagle.

Find the Hidden City

Enter the path on the left side of the room, keep moving forward and jump in the water. Move forward, jump of the crabby wall to the right, climb up and reach the platform of the left. Jump on the rod and swing-jump from it to grab the ledge in front. Continue walking to reach the outskirts of the hidden city. From here you need to cross the valley by swinging across it using the grappling axe (Note: Throw the grapple axe while jumping to swing across. While swinging, Lara will automatically leave the grappling-rope to jump forward. Throw the grappling axe again to hold on to the next hanging structure and swing forward).

 After crossing the valley, jump into the water. Reach the surface in front, and move forward to enter the hidden city. Go to the objective marker & a cut-scene will start.

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