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Rough Landing (Peruvian Jungle)

Find Survivors & Head Towards Flare:

After the plane crash Lara wakes up in the Peruvian Jungle. Walk forward towards the objective marker for a minute and you’ll see a flare go up in the sky. Now, you’ll have to move towards the flare. Walk on the narrow mountain ledge in front of you and jump from one tree branch to another to reach the camp site.

Retrieve Your Gear

How to retrieve your gear?

You’ll find a portion of the crashed plane and your gear box near the camp site. To cut down your gear box you need a sharp object. Climb the nearby rock and get near the crashed plane to break-off a sharp object from it. The plane will fall down in the water. Dive in the water to get the sharp object. You’ll be attacked by an eel. Repeatedly tap the action key to kill it. Now, you’ve the sharp object but it’s not sharp enough. Look for salvage to sharpen your knife. 

Use your hunter instincts and search the area near the camp site. There are plenty of salvage parts lying around. Once you have three salvage parts head to the base camp and sharpen the knife. Now, use the sharp knife to cut the ropes holding your gear boxes. One of the rope is near the water and another one is above the rock (near the water). After cutting both the ropes head to the boxes to retrieve your gear.

Find Miguel, Defeat Jaguars & Find Jonah

Just after retrieving your gear you’ll get a distress call from Miguel. Head towards the objective marker to find Miguel. Use rope-tethering to cross the river and head into the cave. You’ll find blood there. After moving forward you’ll find Miguel’s body devoured by Jaguars. Now, you’ll have to cross the jaguar territory. Just keep moving forward (nothing will happen here). Once you get to the open area the Jaguars will attack you. Keep shooting the Jaguars (with arrows) and dodge their attack when they charge at you. After a while one jaguar will die and a cut-scene will start. Head out of this area and you’ll see the last part of the crashed plane. Climb the tree on the river and jump on the ledge in front of it. Climb the small hill to reach the crashed plane. A cut-scene will start as you jump on the crashed plane. You’ll find your axe as well as Jonah.

0:05 Find Miguel
2:40 Make it through the Jaguar Territory
3:30 Defeat the jaguars
6:09 Find Jonah

Find Kuwaq Yaku

Now, Lara and Jonah set out to find Kuwaq Yaku. After walking a few steps you’ll have to interact with the blockade to clear the path (with Jonah’s help). Then, you’ll have to walk on the narrow ledge on your left to get across. After walking few steps you’ll find a bridge which is down. You need to solve a small puzzle to raise the bridge and cross the river (Scroll down to read: how to solve the water-puzzle). A cut-scene will start after you cross the bridge in which you’ll get the PERCEPTION herbal mixture. Afterwards, just keep moving towards the objective marker where you and Jonah have to lift the rubble blocking the gate. A Jaguar (the one which survived the earlier encounter) will attack Lara from behind. You’ll have to defeat the Jaguar. Keep shooting the jaguar and dodge its attack. After a while the jaguar will run away from you. Chase it and kill it. If you can’t find it use the PERCEPTION herbal mixture to sense it. After killing the Jaguar head back to Jonah (who is still behind the blocked gate).

0:05 Find Kuwaq Yaku
1:31 Solve Water Puzzle & lift the Bridge
5:03 Defeat the Jaguar
7:25 Go back to Jonah

How to solve the Water-Puzzle & lift the Bridge?

As you climb the stairs you’ll see a large pulley (that requires both Lara & Jonah to move). Opposite this pulley you’ll see a ladder leading up to the roof of a small room. Climb the ladder and get on the roof. Rotate the pulley on the roof to start the water flow. Now, come down and push the large pulley to divert the flow of water on the large hanging bucket. The bucket will get heavy and go down. But, the bucket is leaking and will come up again. Push the large pulley once again. This time Jonah will keep holding the pulley that’ll give you some time to do your thing. Quickly go down (take the path which is adjacent to the stairs) and use rope-arrow to tether the two portion of the bridge. When Jonah will leave the pulley the bridge will also rise along with the bucket. Cross the bridge now.

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