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The Hidden City

Join Unuratu in the Market District / Meet Etzli at the Base of the Mountain

Keep following Unuratu until you reach the Paititi Market and a cut-scene starts. After the cut-scene, go to the objective marker (west of the Paititi Market) to meet Etzli. After which you’ll start your journey into the belly of the serpent to find the silver box of Ix Chel.

Climb the Belly of the Serpent

After entering the mountain temple keep going forward for a while, jump & grab on the crabby wall, rappel down and jump on the surface. Now, you have to jump and grapple-swing in the air 2 times to reach the next surface where you’ll discover a new base camp. Run up the stairs and enter a dark room which has a fire place. On the wall to the right side of the fire place is a crack. Go through the crack to reach the belly of the serpent.


  • Walk on the wooden-rod in front and jump to grab the ledge on the wall. Move to the right and climb above to reach the higher ground.
  • Crouch forward through a pile of stinking corpses, walk to the end of the wooden rod and jump forward to grab the crabby wall.
  • Rappel down, wall-run to gain momentum and jump on the hanging wooden platform to the left.
  • Climb on top of the platform, jump on to the next hanging platform, and then jump and grab the ledge on the wall. Climb up and stand on top of the ledge and slowly move to the end.
  • Now, you’ve to jump and grab the ledge which is quite far. Jump towards the ledge and quickly throw the grappling-axe to reach the ledge. Climb up the ledge.
  • Crouch forward (you’ll see a guard dumping a body on the left), jump to grab the ledge on the wall, move up the crabby ledge to reach another ledge, move left and rappel down to reach the bloody-floor.
  • Move forward, at the end of the room on your right is a gap on the wall. Enter the gap and crawl through a pile of corpses to enter a room which looks like a torture chamber.
  • Kill the guard in the room. On the far right corner of the room the wall is weak. Break it with your axe and move forward.

How to Solve the Trial of the Serpent Puzzle?


  • Use Rope-Tether to pull the lever to the left of the obstructed pathway, letting loose a stream of oil.
  • Interact with the flaming device to let loose the flames, burning down the debris blocking the passage.


  • Your target is to line-up the tracks (by rotating the columns) so that oil can reach the blockade.
  • If you look carefully, you’ll see 3 tracks in the middle (which can’t be rotated) connecting the 2 set of tracks (rotatable platforms). Out of these 3, the middle track will actually connect the 2 set of tracks.
  • First, rope-tether the 2 columns and start rotating the ‘right set of tracks’ until the middle-connecting-track lines-up with the end point.
  • Then, cut the tethering-rope and start rotating the column until the middle-connecting-track lines-up with the entry point (out of 3, the right one is the entry track).
  • Once lined up, proceed back to the top of the stairs and Rope-pull the lever to the left of the mechanism. This enables oil to flow into the blockade via the lined-up tracks.
  • Open the flaming device to light the oil channels on fire, destroying the blockade.

Reach Unuratu's Home

When Lara reaches Paititi after completing the trial of the serpent she is chased by the serpent guards. Start running up the stairs and cross through the house. After exiting the house jump on the wooden platforms right in front of you and keep running on the wooden platforms until it falls apart and you slide into a house. Run into the next house and a cut-scene will start and the chase sequence will be over. After you outrun the soldiers, just follow the objective marker to reach Unuratu’s home.

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