How to unlock Shakkei Pavilion Domain in Genshin Impact 2.0

Shakkei Pavilion is one of the six Inazuma domains in Genshin Impact 2.0. The entrance to Shakkei Pavilion is located in the southeast corner of Tatarasuna Island. This walkthrough will show you how to unlock the entrance to Shakkei Pavilion in Genshin Impact.

The rocks blocking the entrance to Shakkei Pavilion can be destroyed using a cannon, but you’ll be able to access the cannon after completing the world quest “Tatara Tales”.

STEP 1: Complete the World Quest Tatara Tales

Click Here TATARA TALES Full Walkthrough
You can start this quest by talking to the Shogunate Officer Toranosuke in Kujou Encampment. Kujou Encampment is an island located north-east of Tatarasuna. Shogunate Officer Toranosuke is standing near the teleport waypoint.

During the quest, you’ll get the Kamuijima Cannon Map which reveals the location of the 3 cannons. After this you’ll get the access to these 3 cannons.

STEP 2: Unlocking the Shakkei Pavilion Entrance

To unlock the Shakkei Pavilion’s entrance get to the cannon which is on the island to the east of Tatarasuna. You can use this cannon to blow-open the entrance to the Shakkei Pavilion Domain. [NOTE: You must be affected by Electro or carrying an electrogranum to be able to operate the cannon.] The electrogranum plant is on the right side of the cannon. Summon an electrogranum, activate the cannon and destroy the Shakkei Pavilion Entrance (check the images below). If you successfully destroy the Shakkei Pavilion Entrance, you’ll see a white-sparkle after the cannon-ball blast; and an achievement “Jackpot” will also get unlocked.

Leave the cannon and take the waverider (from the waverider waypoint nearby) to reach the Shakkei Pavilion Domain.

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