Shockingly Well Done Request: New Pokemon Snap (How to Guide)

How to complete Shockingly Well Done Request in New Pokémon Snap

Head to Park(day) in Florio Nature Park. At the start of the tour, you can use will find a small pile of Charred /Scorching apples on the ground next to a tree, on your right side.

To take a photo of this in action, throw Fluffruit on the Pile by pressing ‘B’. An Emolga will fly down next to it. Now, wait for Emolga to Zap the fruit. You need to take a photograph of this interaction and then complete the rest of the tour.

Shockingly Well Done Request

At the research center, click the ‘Y’ button to access all of the requests and find the ‘Shockingly Well-done’ request to receive your reward

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