Shoeleather | Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline DLC (Main Mission Guide)

Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline reintroduces two popular Watch Dogs characters as playable heroes. You will be able to complete 10 major missions and 19 sidequests (resistance) in the Bloodline expansion. This walkthrough will show you how to solve all of the area objectives and the puzzle in Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline DLC’s main mission Shoeleather. Shoeleather is the fifth mission out of ten main missions.  To see the solution to the puzzle, click on the video link at the bottom of the page.

Objective: Acquire the Black Market Ledger (3/3)

Proceed to the Tower Hamlets district’s designated location. You must obtain three black market ledgers from a hostile area. The guard will be notified if you enter the area through the main entrance. The best way is to use the drainage pipe on the south wall to ascend to the roof of the first level.

Look down and neutralize the nearby guard using a melee attack. Avoid using a gun as it will alert other guards in the area. Drop down to enter the hostile area and hide behind boxes. Here you have to acquire three Black Market Ledgers which are placed at three different locations. In the below image I have marked the location of all three Black Market Ledger.

Black Market Ledger #1:

It’s on a table in the open area, surrounded by a few guards.  Launch your multi-drone and fly it above the open space between the buildings. To prevent detection, try flying the drone near the roof. When the drone gets close to the Black Market Ledger, hack it to get the data.

Note: You can try to do Black Market Ledger #2 first if your multi-drone is getting detected by enemies and you face difficulty. As you collect the Black Market Ledger #2, the area is attacked by dispatchers and the enemies are engaged in a fight with them.

Black Market Ledger #2:

The second Black Market Ledger is located on the second floor of the building on the right. Use the adjacent stairs to reach the second floor. You will encounter an enemy here that you need to neutralize. There are few scientists that won’t be going to harm you. Interact with the military box to acquire the ledger. I have shown the Black Market Ledger in the below image.

Black Market Ledger #3:

It is located on the second floor of the building on the left. First head to the left near the main gate and interact with the circuitry box to disable the secure lock. Go to the second floor and use the computer to retrieve the Black Market Ledger. I have shown the circuitry box location in the below image in the below image

Objective: Destroy the Vehicle full of Bomb Supplies

The next objective is to destroy the Car. The car is parked inside the left building (where you can obtain Black Market Ledger #2). There is a gas cylinder near the car. Shoot at the cylinder to destroy the car.

Objective: Escape the area

You can escape through the same route through which you enter the area or can use the gate of the left.

Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline is now available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. If you have a Season Pass, the expansion is included; otherwise, you can purchase this DLC bundle separately. To play the main campaign or Online mode as Wrench or Aiden Pearce, you must have a Season Pass.

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