Should You Choose Left or Right Hand in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl?

After beating Gardenia in Eterna City and obtaining the Forest Badge in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl players will once again bump into Professor Rowan’s assistant Lucas/Dawn’s on Route 207, as players approach the entrance to Mt. Coronet. Professor Rowan’s assistant won’t give you any sort of hint while wanting to reward you for the progress that you have made so far, she will ask you to choose which hand you want – her left hand or right hand?

Should you pick Lucas/Dawn’s LEFT OR RIGHT HAND?

After a bit of conversation, she will ask if you want to pick the right hand or the left hand because she has a surprise. It doesn’t matter which hand you pick, either way, you will get the Vs. Seeker, followed shortly after by the Dowsing Machine app

How To Use The Vs. Seeker In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl

The Vs. Seeker allows players to re-battle certain trainers. Stand near a trainer you’ve already defeated and use the Vs. Seeker. Two red exclamation points will appear over the trainer’s head if they can be re-challenged, and they’ll have stronger Pokémon than before. 

How To Use The Dowsing Machine In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl

The Dowsing Machine app is one of many that can be installed on the player’s Poketch device. It’s used to help pinpoint the locations of hidden items. Cycle through your Pokétch apps to start using the Dowsing Machine. By pressing “A,” you’ll be able to locate any hidden items that may be nearby.

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