Shrine of Ash Puzzle Solution: God of War Armor Easter Egg | Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut

‘Shrine of Ash’ is one of the three forgotten shrines (Wind Shrines) on Iki Island. Iki island was introduced in the Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut DLC expansion, which was released on 20th August 2021.

At the Shrine location, you will find a riddle in the form of a poem. Solve the riddle to complete the shrine and get the God of War Armor Skin as a reward (See the picture on the right). The reward from the Shrine is an easter egg referencing the ‘God of War’ game.

This article shows the location of the ‘Shrine of Ash’, how to solve the puzzle at the shrine, and the reward for completing the shrine.

Shrine of Ash Location

Shrine of Ash is at the north side of Yahata Forest, which is at the east portion of Iki Island, as shown in the picture below.

Shrine of Ash Poem Puzzle/ Riddle

Go to the front of the shrine and read the scroll kept on the bench. The scroll contains the following Poem Riddle giving you a hint about what you need to do in the shrine:

The first green of spring
In fall, a tree fruits
which grows from seed to sapling,
a stranger and son.
Boy, honor your father’s fight.
Show him the strength of your blade.

Shrine of Ash Riddle Solution

First, you will need to wear the Sakai Clan Armor. You will get the Sakai Clan Armor automatically during Act 2: Main Quest – Ghosts from the past.

The next clue the poem gives is to “Show him the strength of your blade“. This one is pretty simple. Just swipe to the right on your controller’s touchpad to draw your sword while standing in front of the shrine.

Shrine of Ash Reward: God of War Armor

As you draw the sword in front of the shrine, a cutscene will trigger and you will be automatically equipped with the God of War Armor. The reward from the Shrine is an easter egg referencing the ‘God of War’ game. When the cutscene finishes you will earn three God of War Themed items: Helm of War, Spartan Face Mask, and Ghost of Sparta cosmetic for the Sakai Clan Armor. Wearing the items make you look like Kratos from the ‘God of War’ game. See the picture below with the three items equipped.

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